I'm accepting new clients in Wilmington, DE! Enjoy massage in the comfort of your home or my in-home studio.

What to Expect:

  • Get a massage from an experienced therapist who's worked for the NFL, MLB, in Physical Therapy clinics & doctors' offices.
  • Learn why your body is misaligned or tight & what you can do to correct it!
  • Prepare your body for athletic events so you can feel & perform your best!
  • Optional: Combine your massage with Joovv red light therapy, NuCalm, health coaching or fitness training. 

You're in good hands: I'm an avid runner, Health Specialist, Exercise Physiologist & Board Certified in Massage.  Read client reviews below!

Current Rate: $100/hour

Contact Me Here:

Pro Dancer

The entire cast had nothing but positive feedback to say about working with Louise. I'd recommend her to anyone looking to feel & perform better!

NFL Cornerback

I worked with Louise 3 times per week & had her travel with me for games. She expedited healing of injuries & helped me perform better on the field!

NFL Defensive End

I now know how to address different injuries & soreness. Although my problems may differ from week to week, Louise helps me stay on top!