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Create a training plan specific to your goal time, taking your running & knowledge to the next level!

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This program is for:

avid runners: 

  • You want to PR, hit a specific goal time or train with consistent energy.
  • You want strategies to perform well despite work-life demands or a go-go-go lifestyle.
  • You want to ditch cookie cutter 5K plans & gain knowledge to modify a template or fully customize your own.
  • You want a simple, low stress & science-based plan so you recover well, stay injury-free & unlock your FULL potential!
Tell Me What's Included!

The Distance Crowd:

  • You're not really a fan of the 5K.
  • Unfortunately, you realize you need to off-cycle from marathons & give your body a break...
  • If you HAVE to do it, you want a science-based training plan that delivers RESULTS! 
  • You don't want to compromise your aerobic base & you're looking for a speed-focused training block.
  • You want the best approach to return to your next marathon (or ultra) a stronger, better runner!


Only $34!

  • A 30+ page guide with strategies to maximize success, prevent injury, optimize health, energy & recovery!
  • 2 example 8-week training plans (1 for marathoners who want to off-cycle yet maintain their aerobic base & 1 for runners looking for a minimalist mileage approach)
  • 1 fillable plan if you choose to create your own training plan.
  • 90-day access to 3 video trainings: 1. Create a simple & effective plan specific to your goal time, lifestyle & preferences. 2. Walk through 2 examples of creating a plan with science-based strategies for success. 3. Learn how to flex & adapt your plan for common stressors like work travel, an "off" training day, sleepless night, etc. so you CONSISTENTLY run your best (less than 2 hours total).
  • Bonus video: 3 simple steps to evaluate your 5K performance.
  • Email access to Louise for questions.
  • Epic knowledge to Run Your Best!
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Hi there 5K goal-getter!  

I'm Louise: A Physiologist award-winning health & performance expert who loves empowering fellow runners with strategies to unlock your best health & running with more energy, less stress!

This approach was developed from my epic struggle trying to break 20 minutes. Bottom-line: I wasn't using the strategies I teach you in this course & it would've saved me A LOT of energy!

Once I used this method, I broke 20 & then ran a 19:28 in my next race... I also had a kickass base from which I PR'd my 10K & 10 miler! Most recently, I used this approach to crush a 19:13 PR in October 2022 DESPITE "age", a busy RunnerMom lifestyle & health challenges!

Ready to crush your 5K?  This course is for you!

Questions? Contact me here.

Real Runner Reviews


Dedicated Runner & Mom

"Louise excels at addressing all the barriers that come up in training & what approaches work best."


Ultrarunner & Scientist

"I can now adjust my training to be more productive & recover better! I saw quick results & hit my PR!"


Marathoner & Executive Leader

"I created a better balance to focus & manage intense workouts. I no longer feel so exhausted!"


Runner, Nurse Practitioner, Mom of 4

"Louise's methods are practical. Any runner will build strength to perform, physically & mentally!"

Question? Contact me here!

I coach all ability levels, but this course isn't for those brand new to running. However, it doesn't matter how fast or slow you run! 😊


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