Ready to Run Your Best 5K with Energy & Ease?

Learn how to work with your body to run your best, taking your running knowledge & performance to the next level!


In less than 2 hours, be empowered to:

  • Keep your training plan simple & science-based, so you achieve next-level energy & recovery to consistently run your best.
  • Progress your running ability, even if you're short on time or have a busy lifestyle.
  • Learn strategies to optimize performance while preventing injury, fatigue & burnout (applicable to all race distances)!
  • Learn how to work with your body (& not against it) when faced with common stressors, like a sleepless night, high-stress week, travel, etc. 

This program is for the following types of runners:

Busy professionals:

  • You want to run your best & have little time or energy to waste!
  • You want to know strategies to optimize performance despite high work-life demands & a go-go lifestyle.
  • You want a great science-based plan that delivers energized running & results!

Seasoned runners: 

  • You want to PR, hit a specific goal time & train with consistent energy.
  • You want to ditch cookie cutter 5K plans & gain knowledge to customize your own.
  • You want to stress less about your plan & focus more on unlocking your full potential!

The Distance Crowd:

  • You hate the 5K, but you want to off-cycle from marathons & give your body a break to optimize your running potential.
  • You don't want to compromise your aerobic base & you're looking for a speed-focused training block.
  • You want a science-based approach because you don't mess around when it comes to returning to your next marathon (or ultra) a stronger, better runner!

Here's what Breaking Through Wellness runners have to say:


Runner, Triathlete & Navy Commander

"I gained a stark improvement in my performance & ability to progress goals!"


Ultrarunner, Mom & Pharmacist 

"Louise provides actionable tools. Her strategies are key to achieving next-level success!"


Dedicated Runner & Mom

"Louise excels at addressing all the barriers that come up in training & identifying what approaches work best."


Ultrarunner & Scientist

"I now know how to adjust my training to be more productive & recover better! I saw immediate results & achieved my PR."


Marathoner & Executive Leader

"I created a work-life-training balance to better manage intense workouts. I can focus at work & no longer feel so exhausted!"


Runner, Nurse Practitioner, Mom of 4

"Louise's methods are concise, systematic & practical. Any runner will build strength to perform well, both physically & mentally!"

Hi there 5K goal-getter!  

I'm Louise: A Physiologist award-winning wellness expert who loves empowering you with strategies to unlock optimal health & performance. It's time to learn how to take it your next level & SUSTAIN your success!

This training plan was developed from my 3-year journey trying to break 20 minutes in the 5K.  Bottom-line: I wasn't using the simple science-based approach I teach you in this course & it would've saved me A LOT of time & energy had I used it!

Once I used this method, I broke 20 & then ran a 19:28 in my next race... then had an epic base from which I PR'd my 10K & 10 miler!

If you too are ready to learn how to work with your physiology & run your best 5K, this short but sweet course is for you!



All for only $27!

$197  Limited Time Spring Savings!

  • 30 page guide with science-based strategies to maximize your success, prevent injury, optimize energy & recovery (applicable to all race distances!)
  • 2 example 8-week training plans (1 for marathoners who want to off-cycle yet maintain a high volume of miles & 1 for runners looking for the minimum mileage needed to run their best 5K)
  • 1 fillable training plan if you choose to create your own customized plan.
  • 90-day access to 3 video trainings: Hear examples of how to apply what you learn to maximize your success. Learn a 10-step process to create your own customized plan so you can ditch cookie cutter training plans for good! Learn how to optimize your running when faced with poor sleep, mindset blocks, a high stress work week, etc! (Total time: Less than 2 hours & you can listen on the go!)
  • Bonus Video: How to evaluate your race & apply lessons learned to be a better runner!
  • Email access to Coach Louise for questions.
  • Everything you need to Run Your Best 5K with Energy & Ease!

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I coach runners of all abilities, but this course is not for those brand new to running. However, it doesn't matter how fast or slow you run! 😊

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