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Where active women thrive after 35 with more energy, less stress & an informed science-based approach.

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Named 2020 #1 Health Education Specialist in U.S., 2021 Top 10 Performance Coach, Best-Selling Author, 2022 Small Business Hero, Top Leader in Health & Fitness Science
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Feeling stuck in your health, fitness or running? Welcome to the right place!


I'm Louise, a top health, fitness & performance expert who empowers women to unlock their best with female-specific health, nutrition & exercise science simplified to fit real life. I help you:

  • Stress less as you learn the best solutions for your body's needs, goals & life.
  • Break through setbacks & symptoms like fatigue, injury & perimenopause chaos.
  • Ditch misinformation, diets & outdated advice that's not specific to a woman's body age 35+ & as a result, leaves us confused, stressed, gaining weight, bloated, injured & feeling like crap!

My career is award-winning, but most importantly I live what I teach. I know firsthand we need a strong foundation of health, hormones & energy first, or we will run, diet & exercise our way to injuries, hormonal havoc, weight gain, burnout & chronic disease. Age 35+ our body desperately needs a different approach. After turning my breakdowns into breakthroughs, it's my mission to help women understand their individual body's needs & how to best support a lifetime of unstoppable health, fitness &/or running! Learn from me for free above, book a consult or see FAQ below. Regardless of where you're starting from, know that you can kick ass in this next phase of life with more energy, less stress & an informed science-based approach.

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Louise excels at personalized coaching & helping you cut through overwhelming science-based information. I learned best ways to fuel my body for perimenopause, strength train to prevent injury, improve mindset, running & recovery! Her strategies are clear, specific & easy-to-follow!

Lori, a Scientist who went from burnout to a marathon PR & first ultramarathon at age 47!

I saw a difference after 3 weeks! I feel energized, fit & sexy again!

Charlotte, nurse working night shifts who felt stuck in her fitness & nutrition after 40.

Louise listens! I saw results after ONE session after YEARS of working with coaches & doctors without improvement. I didn't think it was possible to lose 25 lbs., repair my health & run with energy again in my 50s!

Helen, from discouraging brain fog, health & hormone concerns back to feeling her best! 

You can put Louise's strategies directly into action. She will give you practical & attainable resources to succeed!

Dr. Christina Pratt, World-Renowned Surgeon & Medical School Professor

I feel strong & the best I have in years! My doctors said it was the fastest they've seen someone heal! Learning simple ways to work with my body that ACTUALLY fit my life, I turned what I thought was going to be one of the worst years of my life into one of the best!

Cathy, ditched discouraging diets & turned a devastating injury into an epic comeback!

I highly recommend Louise to anyone looking to feel or perform better. The cast had nothing but good things to say about working with her!

Kelly, Radio City Rockette

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