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Welcome to Breaking Through Wellness

Ditch hormone havoc to maximize fitness, fat loss & running through perimenopause with less stress!

with Louise Valentine, American College of Sports Medicine Practitioner of the Year, Top 10 Performance Coach, #1 Health Educator in U.S.
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Ready to work with your female body to unlock your best with less stress?

Do you care deeply about your health, fitness or running, yet lately feel like it's slipping away?

Trying to do all the right things, yet STILL have frustrating symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, low libido, cravings, weight gain, hot flashes, belly fat, poor sleep, sluggish running or stuck results?

Feeling done with researching answers & advice that's getting you nowhere, wanting to know how to work with YOUR body & simple strategies to feel your very best in this next stage of life?

Seeking best ways to nourish your body, fuel your fitness, look defined, feel strong or run energized & injury-free, knowing that if you know why or what you should do, you're so good at doing it? 

Welcome to the right place!

Hi, I'm Louise, named America's leading health & fitness expert '23, I've empowered 100s of women like you to ditch the outdated & general advice that's leaving us frustrated & feeling like shit! 

Whether you want to quickly get to the root cause of hormone symptoms that start for most women age 35 & beyond, ditch stuck weight, maximize your physique or run your best, I help you take the most efficient path to sustainable results!

I've been there: When facing early menopause hell, I had to become the practitioner I couldn't find. I got sick of hearing, "Just don't run." & "Nothing you can do." As you know, this is the LAST thing we want to hear as women who value our fitness or running! Thus, over 20 years I became an exercise physiologist, published performance, injury prevention & weight loss scientist, women's integrative health & nutrition expert, run & strength coach to turn my breakdowns into breakthroughs. Now, I proudly lead the way helping other active women quickly to do the same!

Yes, you can ditch symptoms fast, confidently know how to restore &/or protect your hormones (the key to our success as females), prevent fitness declines & maximize your ability to do what you love for life!

When you learn how to accommodate for hormone changes, working WITH your female body & not against it + HOW to apply & bring together strategies specific to YOUR body, it changes the game.

Keep reading to learn how!



Here's how we unlock your best with less stress:

If you feel symptoms now, knowing you can't keep living like this, slowly watching your well-being, fitness & running slip away...

I have good news: Everything about my Badass Breakthrough Academy is designed so you can do something about this once & for all!

1:1 coaching + academy resources simplify cutting-edge best practices for women's health, sports & integrative nutrition, exercise & living a holistic wellness lifestyle. I explain what's changing, what to do about it & customize plans to fit your goals, body's needs & busy life.

Phase 1. (3 to 6 weeks) Unlock your best health, energy & hormones: My simple science-based Thrive After 35 step-by-step process empowers you to nourish your body to restore your best energy & metabolism, while learning exact steps to support your best hormonal health. It's critical you gain this essential foundation that's overlooked by coaches & providers, as it's THE key to sustaining your best fitness, physique &/or running we unlock in this program!

Holistic Support: In your first session learn WHY you feel stuck & YOUR body is expressing symptoms, as there are a variety of possible root causes, specific to you. Your coach will deep dive into your intake form + a 2-day nutrition, exercise & symptom log. Get line-by-line feedback & a plan to apply the best nutrition & lifestyle strategies to ditch your symptoms, as you also gain a clear understanding of how to PREVENT future ones. Can you follow simple steps & watch brief videos to enhance only having to learn this info. one time in your life? Get ready to feel your best FAST!

Phase 2. Maximize fitness &/or fat loss: Learn which workouts overload cortisol & make fatigue, belly fat, muscle & bone loss worse. I include results-driven strength plans that work WITH your changing physiology to maximize success (simple enough to do at home if desired). You'll learn what matters most when fueling around workouts, confidently knowing what to eat when relative to YOUR goals. If it's a goal, learn sustainable fat loss methods that DON'T result in hormone or metabolism damage (most do). No worries, we can check your body alignment & workout form via in-person (Delaware) & virtual training sessions if needed. Ready to be strong & look fit for life?

Industry-Leading Support for Runners: Join us in rewriting recreational women's running as you ditch sluggish running, hanger, muscle loss, injuries, low libido & more. You'll learn how to put together women's health strategies that address & PREVENT common runner problems + learn female-specific nutrition, lifting & training plans to feel & run your best for life, whether you run for mental health, love racing 5ks or ultras!

Explore free resources, FAQ & reviews below to learn what's possible with the right simple, low stress & female-specific approach! Yes, you can do this, regardless of where you're starting from! 

Ready to unlock your best? It starts with a call to review where you feel stuck & how I can help:


While every woman's journey in our program is different, here's what others have to say:

I didn't learn this in med school! I can't stop thanking Louise enough, as her coaching & academy is impressive & easy-to-follow, sharing exactly how to be energized, injury-free & get stronger at any age! I can't believe it, at an age where I'm supposed to be watching my body break down, I'm instead watching it get stronger?! I highly recommend Badass Breakthrough Academy to any female who wants optimal health, fitness or to run strong for life.

Nancy, Sports Med Physician, ran her first marathon in her 50s!

I was really discouraged, feeling like running was taking everything from me rather than fulfilling me. I have immense gratitude for the practical coaching, videos & handouts that explain everything. I no longer have headaches, struggle with psoriasis or lethargy! I understand why I bloat, why I get headaches & know how to keep inflammation low. I feel stronger every day & I actually look forward to running again! It took only weeks in this program to get rid of chronic pain & issues in my hip vs. years of PT that left me frustrated. Months later, I ran a 5K at a pace I hadn't seen in YEARS! When I joined I wanted to find my strength again & figure out how to handle this changing body. This program helped me do that & so much more. I feel like a whole new woman - thank you, thank you!

Cara, restored her vibrance to race through Rome to celebrate her 40s!

When I joined, I thought it was a long shot, but I was ready to fight to feel like myself again. In 2 weeks I lost weight, went from 5 hours of terrible sleep to sleeping like a baby & no longer had mood swings. My muscle definition improves weekly & heavy periods eased without an ablation or medication! Everything is so practical that, for the first time ever, I'm confident this is sustainable.

Charlotte, busy RN, ditched hormone havoc to maximize fitness over 40!

Thank you for giving me my wife back. I couldn't stand watching her wake up at 4:30, do endless Peloton, eat virtually nothing, suffer during her time of the month & feel miserable. This program paid for itself within the first month! She's FINALLY seeing results that reflect how hard she works to take care of herself. I've lost weight & improved fitness with your tips, too! Game changers! 

Anonymous Client Husband of a fiesty Physical Therapist 


I was feeling fat & slow, like I was doing all the right things & it shouldn't be this hard! I lost 17 pounds, learned how to listen to my body & lean out without tedious tracking. Louise is a very response coach, creates resources as you need them & has amazing mindset, nutrition & recovery hacks!

Jen, former Olympian, maximizing ability to look & feel her best!

EVERY women needs this program! It looks at the whole picture. At 51, I was fatigued & slowing down. Learning female-specific nutrition, strength & run plans changed everything. I'm running times I haven't seen since my 30s & am getting closer & closer to my BQ! My energy no longer crashes at work, I run up hills with ease, hip & shoulder pain is gone! Louise's coaching is efficient & effective, empowering you with comprehensive knowledge & tools to maximize your active life.

Ann, Award-Winning Physician

The programs (Louise) Valentine develops exemplify the impact one can have when they move scientific findings into evidence-based practice, meeting women's unique physical activity & wellness needs.

American College of Sports Medicine Practitioner of the Year 2023 Press Release

I went from terrible hot flashes, cravings, considering a hysterectomy & HRT to my strongest yet. I joined this program for myself, but when my husband & kids commented how fit I look, I realized how much it changed EVERYTHING!

Cathy, ditched counterproductive diets & exercise to unlock her best!


Think about what you'd pay for just a nutrition, health or fitness expert...


or JUST working with a personal trainer, running coach or physical therapist...

or JUST working with an integrative health practitioner, health coach or sports med...

or JUST taking a perimenopause, menopause fitness, nutrition or performance course...

When you can get a next-level 6-month holistic journey with 1:1 support specific to YOU for under $2,000!!

Why? Put simply, I've been in your shoes... an independent active woman who freaking loves fitness or running. When you feel it slipping away, so is a part of you. Finding accurate, efficient & practical answers become the HARDEST thing you'll ever have to do, as most expert advice & programs aren't specific to women who are highly committed to a fit & active life. It's specific to pro athletes, men, those who need a group class just to show up to exercise, or people who need a gentle nudge to start caring about their health. That advice gets women like you & I, who have made fitness or running a non-negotiable part of who we are, NOWHERE.

This program is my mission to do something about this... your one stop shop to get this next stage of life right, at an affordable rate for the *everyday* active woman who gives a really big flying f*ck about her health & active life. One who doesn't want a lifetime of medication, to fall in a box of advice for the sedentary masses or men & is dedicated to living her most vibrant, fit & high-performance life in her own unique, bioindividual way.

As you read reviews, notice doctors, dietitians, run coaches, holistic health practitioners & physical therapists have joined us. Isn't it time you too join our simple science-based revolution to unlock your best w/ less stress?


Here's what's included in your comprehensive support system to kick ass in this next phase of life!

Badass Breakthrough 1:1 Coaching & Academy

$1900 or $317/month

Get 2 months free! Don't wait: Ends 12/6

  • Holiday Sale: 6 months academy access & 1:1 email support.
  • Our step-by-step Thrive After 35 nutrition, exercise & lifestyle process to mitigate hormone changes & ditch symptoms fast, customized to YOU!
  • 6 flexible 60-minute 1:1 sessions w/ detailed plans customized to your goals, body's needs & life.
  • 50+ academy printable resources, concise video learning, strength workouts & masterclasses to work with your female body to maximize your holistic health, energy, fitness, hormonal health, running, body composition, performance, sleep, recovery, sustainable weight loss, prevent belly fat & insulin resistance, how to troubleshoot common tight muscles & injuries, FINALLY unlock your best core/pelvic floor health & more!
  • Monthly live Q&A or masterclass
  • Small private support community with weekly bonus tips, ask me anything & accountability.
  • App-based access to all resources to easily fit a busy life!
  • Access to Functional Medicine labs & protocols (rarely needed, ex: if your gut health needs repair)
  • Discounts w/ our partners for supplements & clean skincare!
  • More 1:1 sessions if needed: Most clients do not, as our 1:1 sessions are designed to be very efficient. Clients share they love that most questions are clearly answered in the academy as they think of them!
  • Renewal only $37 month for 1. academy access & updates to recommendations based on new science (& what works best for active women to practically apply it 😉) 2. monthly group Q&A call 3. our community of women dedicated to living a beautifully fit, energized & active life!

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