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Where women 35+ unlock unstoppable health, fitness or running with less stress!

Louise Valentine, named America's #1 Physiologist, trainer & holistic health expert
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Ready to ditch confusing information & unlock your best health, fitness or running?

Hi! I'm Louise, coach to women who greatly value their health & fitness, seeking knowledge to feel, look or run their best despite changing hormones & without a lifetime of meds, diets, macro tracking, supplements or PT!

Why the heck has no one ever stopped to teach us that our female body is fierce?! My journey defying odds to break through my own health & hormone challenges led me to relentlessly study, research & ultimately become a leading health, fitness & performance expert. Now, it's my mission to empower everyday women to unlock their body's badass ability to do great things by 1. Protecting your health, energy & hormones using whole foods & a smart lifestyle without giving up coffee, alcohol or foods you love 2. Understanding how to maximize fitness &/or longevity in running by working with your changing female body.

Ready to ditch solutions everyone tells us we "need" & instead learn simple & sustainable ways to work with YOUR body that fit YOUR life? I invite you to explore my website & learn more!

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I wanted to learn how to be active for life with proper nutrition & training. I NEVER thought I'd get faster & stronger in my 50s! Shoulder & hip pain I had for years is gone. I'm running up hills with ease & watching my health & fitness data IMPROVE! My energy no longer crashes at work & I FINALLY understand how to work with my female body. Badass Breakthrough Academy is an unmatched coaching experience!

Carol, from exhausted doctor to epically strong runner, wife & mom!

Louise helps me maximize time, energy & results! She answers questions & designs plans with OPTIONS of what will work best for MY body, goals & very busy stage of life! I learn so much, to help myself & those I coach.

Amy, Certified Health Coach & Personal Trainer

I went from hot flashes, poor sleep & considering a hysterectomy to feeling my strongest yet. When my husband started complimenting changes in my body, I realized women-specific nutrition & exercise changes EVERYTHING!

Cathy, from frustrating low carb diet to confident fit mom for life!

I was feeling fat & slow, like I was doing all the right things & it shouldn't be this hard! I lost 13 pounds, am stronger & understand how to listen to my body. Louise provides education with great mindset, nutrition & recovery hacks!

Jen, former Olympian, felt stuck in her nutrition & fitness in her 40s.

The programs Louise develops exemplify the impact one can have when they successfully move science into evidenced based practice!

Dr. Ward-Ritacco, American College of Sports Medicine

Louise excels at simplified & detailed coaching that fits my busy life. From running strong through perimenopause to improving mind-body health, I know how to feel my best.

Lori, from overwhelm & burnout to marathon PR & first ultra at 47!

Working with Louise replaced my trainer, run coach, dry needling & nutritionist! I saw better results after 1 strength plan than YEARS of specialized PT. My PTs called to see where I was & I proudly said, "I'm good now, thank you!"

Sarah, from battling non-stop injuries back to racing with ease!

What started as wanting to lose weight turned into SO much more! I'm present to my body's needs, what I want out of life AND I lost the pregnant-looking belly I've had for 16 years!

Lindsey, from bloated & frustrated to maximizing her potential!

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