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America's leading* holistic support for active women & runners 35+ ready to ditch hormone havoc: Feel your best, maximize a fit toned look or run strong & injury-free through perimenopause... with less stress! 

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with Louise Valentine, *American College of Sports Medicine Practitioner of the Year 2023, #1 Health Education Specialist in U.S.
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It's not you, it's your hormones! If ready to unlock your best with less stress, we can help: 

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When you learn simple ways to work with your changing female body & hormones, you can feel, look &/or run your best with sustainable ease!

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Hi! I'm Louise, named one of the world's leading physiologists, integrative health & performance experts paving the way in rewriting women 35+ health & fitness outcomes throughout the world. Over 21 years I've helped 1,000s, from the NFL, pro sports & doctor offices to publishing research, a best-selling book, as an expert for Runner's World, Today Show & award-winning health program design. After my epic journey reversing low hormones, stuck body fat, sluggish running, gut health chaos, menopause, health diagnoses & shitty performance to be a vibrantly energized, healthy, toned & strong runner, I created our 1:1 Academy so dedicated women just like you can quickly ditch & PREVENT the hormone, health & fitness symptoms we're told are "normal" with the simplicity & ease you deserve:

  • Get 1:1 comprehensive support¬†to ditch¬†your unique symptoms & feel your best fast!
  • Ditch misinformation¬†& overwhelm for good!
  • Learn what's changing in your body & exact simple strategies to do something about¬†it.
  • Confidently know when to eat what using¬†our proven whole foods nutrition approach¬†to maximize energy, gut health, hormones, metabolism & fitness results WITHOUT endless supplements,¬†fad diets or giving up foods you love, caffeine¬†or alcohol!
  • Ditch stuck fat & unlock your best fit, strong & toned physique¬†with simple nutrition plans + time-efficient female 35+ specific strength workouts that optimize energy & results.
  • If strong energized running is your goal, learn¬†how to run, lift & fuel with your changing hormones to mitigate¬†fitness decline, muscle loss, fatigue, fat gain, bloating & injuries!¬†
  • Gain all the knowledge you need¬†to PREVENT women's health & fitness concerns: belly fat, poor sleep, cortisol overload,¬†energy crashes, muscle & bone loss, inflammation, cravings, G.I. distress, skin/hair concerns, sluggish running, injuries, slow recovery, anxiety, low libido, hot flashes, mood swings, mental health decline, fitness loss & more!

With simple plans, efficient learning & resources customized to YOUR goals, body & busy life... Yes, you can feel, look or run your best for life!

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Our program is designed unique to your goals, body's needs & lifestyle to drive lifelong success: 

I didn't learn this in med school! Everything is so easy-to-follow. At an age where I'm supposed to be watching my body break down, I'm watching it get stronger! I look more fit & am more energized during my long & busy work days. I didn't think it was possible to PR my marathon in my 50s & not need Advil afterwards, but I now know how to train & fuel WITH my female body! I highly recommend, trust & refer out to Badass Breakthrough Academy for any active female who wants optimal health, longevity, fitness or to run strong for life!

Nancy, Sports Med Doctor

When I joined, I thought it was a long shot, but I was ready to fight to feel like myself again. I didn't want perimenopause to mean I have to lay down & die! In 2 weeks I lost weight, went from 5 hours of terrible sleep to sleeping like a baby & no longer had mood swings. My libido is back, my muscle definition improves weekly & heavy periods eased without an ablation or medication! Everything is so kept practical that, for the first time ever, I'm confident this is sustainable.

Charlotte, Nurse & Mom to 4

In my late 30s I was feeling fat & slow, like I was doing all the right things & it shouldn't be this hard! I lost 17 pounds, learned how to listen to my body & lean out without tedious tracking. Louise is a very response coach, creates resources as you need them & has amazing mindset, nutrition, fat loss & recovery hacks that fit my busy life!

Jen, Former Sailing Olympian

I was really discouraged, feeling like running was taking everything from me rather than fulfilling me. I have immense gratitude for the practical coaching, videos & handouts that explain everything. I no longer have headaches, struggle with psoriasis or lethargy! I understand why I bloat, why I get headaches & know how to keep inflammation low. I feel stronger every day & I actually look forward to running again! It took only weeks in this program to get rid of chronic pain & issues in my hip vs. years of PT that left me frustrated. Months later, I ran a 5K at a pace I hadn't seen in YEARS! When I joined I wanted to find my strength again & figure out how to handle this changing body. This program helped me do that & so much more. I feel like a whole new woman - thank you, thank you!

Cara, Busy Mom & CEO

I went from terrible hot flashes, cravings, considering a hysterectomy & HRT to my strongest yet. I joined this program for myself, but when my husband & kids commented how fit I look & asked to learn the nutrition strategies I was, I realized how much female-specific nutrition & training changes EVERYTHING! Now, we're all getting healthier, more fit & stronger together. The Breaking Through Wellness ripple effect is priceless!

Cathy, Mental Health Counselor 

EVERY women needs this program! As a busy doctor, it looked at the whole picture of my life: At 51, I was fatigued & slowing down. Getting simple female-specific nutrition, wellness, strength & run plans changed EVERYTHING. I am the most strong I have ever been while hitting PRs! My energy no longer crashes at work & I can focus again. I'm running up hills with ease & my body looks the most toned it ever has. Hip & shoulder pain I was stuck with for years is gone & my body recovers so much better! The Academy is efficient & effective, empowering you with comprehensive knowledge to look fit & feel amazing. Running is my happy place & now I can now do it for life!

Ann, Sports Med Physician

Highly recommend! Despite working in the medical field for years & feeling like I knew a lot about my health, eating well, weight loss & strength training, I'm blown away by my experience! I went off HRT within 2 months & threw away most supplements. Acne my Dermatologist couldn't help is gone. I love that I know how to target specific areas of my body with strength training & have sustainable fat loss plans that are simple & easily modifiable without feeling restricted. I'm SO grateful to no longer be slowing down, feeling aches & pain when I run, juggling diets or perimenopause "solutions." As my understanding of my body grows deeper & is kept simple to fit my busy life, I'm proud to be creating ease in feeling, looking & running my best for life!

Melissa, Health Professional

Thank you for giving me my wife back. I couldn't stand watching her wake up at 4:30, do endless Peloton, diet, feel miserable with bloating & poor sleep. She's finally seeing results that reflect how hard she works to take care of herself & fueling her body to perform. I've lost weight & improved fitness with your tips, too! Game changers! To say this program paid for itself is an understatement. Even our kids are learning more of the right timing & types of food. It's made such a difference!

A Client's Husband :)


I started working with Louise to unlock my ultra running potential by dialing in nutrition & fitness to support energy, gut health & perimenopause. I learned way more than expected & implementing suggestions was manageable. Louise has a style that makes unlocking potential less daunting & more exciting because results are seen & felt in days & weeks, not months. I now recover fast & accomplished my goal to go from middle to the front of the pack. I'm so glad we worked together!

Heather, Mom of 3, Business Owner

At age 32 I was near rock bottom with my hormone & gut health! I had rapid belly fat gain, intense night sweats, a hamstring injury that wouldn't quit, increased anxiety, depression & my running was diminishing. I thought I was doing everything right & didn't want to accept it was "just age." Within 1 month, I got rid of gut inflammation & my body was processing nutrition like it's supposed to. At 4 months, most hormonal issues stopped. After getting back to a healthy baseline, I lost 12 lbs. (most of it belly fat!) while building muscle & feel SO MUCH better! Reducing inflammation was finally what allowed my body to recover from an 18-month injury. Advice tailored to my activity level & symptoms was definitely the game-changer, but I got a lot out of the balanced whole foods approach, masterclasses & coached fat loss program! Now, I know how to continue to lose fat, lean out, improve my running & feel my best.

Julie, Professor & Researcher

The programs (Louise) Valentine develops exemplify the impact one can have when they move scientific findings into evidence-based practice. By working to meet women's unique physical activity, health & wellness needs, Louise is following in the footsteps other industry-leading lights like the founder of the Female Athlete Triad.

American College of Sports Medicine Practitioner of the Year 2023 Press Release

Badass Breakthrough Academy Includes:

  • 6 months 1:1 expert¬†support
  • plans fully customized to YOU
  • biweekly¬†group¬†Q&A strategy calls
  • award-winning learning academy & resources¬†(~1 hr per week)
  • 20 to 30 min. strength videos & plans¬†customized to your goals
  • private (non-Facebook) community
  • supplement & wellness discounts
  • access to bloodwork insights & integrative health testing if needed
  • Most Popular: Eight¬†1:1 sessions $2997 or 6 x $499/month
  • Twelve 1:1 sessions $3997
  • After 6 months:¬†$47/month with flexible 1:1 sessions if needed
I'm Ready to Feel My Best!

Our Unparalleled Expertise to Maximize Your Success

  • American College of Sports Medicine Professional of Year '23¬†
  • #1 Certified Health Education Specialist in the U.S. 2020
  • Certified¬†Exercise Physiologist, Strength & Conditioning Specialist,¬†Integrative Nutrition & Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer, Medical & Sports Massage, Precision Neuromuscular Therapy
  • Expert¬†for¬†Runner's World, Today Show, "Weight Management: A Health & Fitness Pro's Guide"
  • Top 50 Fitness & Running Podcast
  • Top 100 U.S. Small Business 2023
  • Top Small Business of DE 2023
  • Top 10 Performance Coach 2021
  • Best-Selling Mindset Author¬†
  • Published Health, Fitness, Running, Nutrition & Performance Research
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