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American College of Sports Medicine Health & Fitness Practitioner of the Year 2023, Health Education Specialist of the Year

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Hi! I’m Louise, ambitious runnermom, Physiologist & women 35+ holistic health, strength, nutrition & running coach. I'm glad you're here because learning best ways to train, eat & live for this next phase of life is confusing! Here's why:

Most coaches & practitioners are untrained in women 35+ health & lack knowledge to consider you as a whole person. We're surrounded by advice, diets, running & fitness methods that work against our female 35+ physiology, resulting in fatigue, belly fat, injuries & perimenopause chaos.

We deserve better health & better results, which is why I started Breaking Through Wellness!

Whether you want to run energized & injury-free, lose weight, or thrive through perimenopause, I help you understand your body's needs, feel your best & confidently achieve your goals. If you're ready to ditch ineffective solutions & learn simple strategies for sustainable success, I encourage you to book a free consult to review your goals.

You are fully capable of remaining healthy, fit & active for life... with the right approach!

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I want to be active for life. With Louise's coaching, I learn so much about my body, specific to what works best for women's health, training & nutrition. I'm stronger & run pain-free!

Carol, Award-Winning Doctor & Runner

I went from hot flashes, poor sleep & considering HRT to feeling my strongest yet & my husband complimenting my body! Women-specific nutrition & exercise changes EVERYTHING!

Tammy, from dieting & perimenopause frustrations to confident fit mom for life!

Working with Louise replaced my trainer, run coach, dry needling, nutritionist... with better results after 1 strength plan than years of PT!

Sarah, from feeling broken after years of injuries & pain to racing with energy & ease!

I saw a difference in 3 weeks! I feel energized, fit & sexy again, loving my body!

Charlotte, nurse working nights who felt stuck in her fitness & nutrition after 40.

I saw results after 1 session after YEARS of working with coaches & doctors without improvement. I've lost 25 lbs., went off medication & run with energy in my 50s!

Helen, from discouraging health concerns to outrunning friends in their 30s & 40s!

I highly recommend Louise to anyone who wants to feel or perform better!

Kelly, Radio City Rockette

Louise excels at personalized coaching. I learned how to prevent tight muscles & injury, improve mind-body health, running & recovery!

Lori, from burnout to marathon PR & first ultra at age 47!

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