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We empower active women & runners age 35+ to ditch hormone havoc, maximize fitness, fat loss & injury prevention with less stress!

with Louise Valentine, American College of Sports Medicine Practitioner of the Year 2023
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Hormones wreaking havoc on your well-being, fitness or running? Can't stand fatigue, belly fat, muscle loss, slowing metabolism, poor recovery or menopause madness? Welcome to the right place to do something about it!

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Love to be fit or run, but your body's fighting you? Drowning in information, unsure how to unlock your ability to age strong, fit & well?

Hi! I'm Louise. Once stuck with my own hormone hell, I watched my well-being, fitness & running decline despite best efforts to seek doctors' support & eat well. The more I heard there was nothing I could do, the more pissed I got, earning over 15 credentials & sifting through science as I worked in pro sports, research & healthcare.

Today, I'm a leading Physiologist & integrative health expert who's dedicated to sharing what I've learned with my fellow active females 35 & over. You CAN learn how hormones are changing & simple ways to adapt your nutrition, lifestyle & training to maximize the active life you love! If ready to break through to next-level health, hormones & fitness, here's how we do it:

First learn how to support your hormones, gut health, blood sugar & inflammation. You'll prevent fatigue, belly fat, poor sleep, brain fog, muscle loss, hot flashes, etc. with 1:1 feedback & strategies to fuel your body to perform its best.

If ready to maximize your physique or fat loss, I empower you to ditch counterproductive diets & hours in the gym that result in hormone damage. You'll learn nutrition & strength that complements female 35+ physiology, customized to you.

If ready to maximize energized & injury-free running for life, this is the place to do it! We'll customize my industry-leading training, fueling, strength & recovery strategies to you, as you prevent running from exacerbating hormones decreasing & cortisol overload. Running does NOT have to become sluggish, cause fat gain, bloating or menopause chaos but as you feel, it easily can.

If ready for next-level support, simple science-based answers & results, book a free consult. As you'll read in reviews below, you'll be glad you did! Find more info & FAQ below.

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I broke through a plateau injury-free! I learned so much about women's health & nutrition that no one taught me in med school. Badass Breakthrough Academy is organized & easy to follow. I recommend it for any female who wants optimal health, fitness or running for life!

Nancy, Sports Med Physician

In 2 weeks I lost weight, started sleeping like a baby & no longer had mood swings. I can't remember the last time I had this much energy! My muscle definition improves weekly & heavy periods eased without an ablation! For the first time, I know this isn't just a quick fix.

Charlotte, ditched early menopause to maximize fitness in her 40s!

EVERY women needs this program! It looks at the whole picture. At 51, I love to run, but I was fatigued & slowing down. My nutrition, strength & run plans were made efficient to fit my busy life. My goal was to maintain my baseline, but instead I'm running times I haven't seen since my 30s, my energy no longer crashes, I'm running up hills with ease, and hip & shoulder pain is gone!

Ann, Physical Medicine Dr, learned how to prevent what she treats!

I went from hot flashes, cravings, terrible sleep & considering a hysterectomy to my strongest yet. When I went off medications AND my husband complimented my body, I realized women-specific nutrition & training changes EVERYTHING! Building muscle in my 50s is the best feeling!

Cathy, ditched diets to unlock confidence & fitness for life!

I have immense gratitude for Louise's approach. I'm no longer exhausted, I'm excited to run again & feel stronger every day. Louise always has an idea & is ready with practical solutions!

Cara, restored energized running to race through Rome for her 40th!

I was feeling fat & slow, like I was doing all the right things & it shouldn't be this hard! I lost 13 pounds, learned how to listen to my body & lean out without tedious tracking of calories or data. Louise is a very response coach, creates new resources as you need them & has amazing mindset, nutrition & recovery hacks!

Jen, former Olympian, maximizing ability to look & feel her best!

Tour the Badass Breakthrough Academy experience & how we customize strategies to you for sustainable success:

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  • Fuel your body to support your hormones & ditch inflammation w/o giving up foods you love!
  • Simple meal idea cheat sheets
  • Lifestyle strategies to protect hormones, energy & longevity
  • Understand how to address cravings, poor sleep & gut health
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  • Doesn't include 1:1, fat loss, strength or fitness support.
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Badass Breakthrough Academy

$1900 ($475 x 4)

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  • 4 months 1:1 holistic support
  • Detailed 1:1 feedback
  • 1:1 sessions w/ game plans including nutrition, strength, integrative health, running, etc.
  • Learn nutrition, lifestyle & training strategies to mitigate hormone changes & ditch symptoms fast!
  • Learning academy & resources designed for a busy life: nutrition, strength workouts w/ videos & guides, stress & cortisol response management, energy, injury prevention, recovery, fat loss, etc.
  • Monthly events & community app
  • Functional Medicine if needed
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