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America's leading program & results for women 35+ ready to ditch hormone havoc to feel their best, maximize a fit look or run strong through perimenopause with less stress!

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Does it mean the world to you to be vibrantly fit, well & active for life? Let's take action! 

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Hi! I'm Louise, a world-leading health, fitness & performance expert as American College of Sports Medicine Practitioner of the Year 2023, best-selling author, published researcher, consultant for media like Runner's World & Today Show, host of the top podcast Maximizing Fitness, Physique & Running Through Perimenopause. After a hell of a journey turning my health, hormone & fitness breakdowns into breakthroughs, I now lead the way in empowering my fellow dedicated active women & runners just like you to unlock your next level DESPITE changing hormones with LESS STRESS!

Any of this sound like you?

You love to exercise or run for mental health, yet right now it feels like crap. You feel epically stuck with hormone havoc like fatigue, brain fog, weight gain despite eating well, exhaustion during workouts, lack of results looking long, lean, fit & toned or frustrating slowing & sluggish running.

You refuse to accept this as your story: looking saggy with muscle loss, belly fat, feeling miserable with bloating, low mood, slow metabolism, lost libido, energy crashes, shitty sleep, gut issues, etc!

You HAVE to do something about this now: You want to feel, look &/or run amazing as you age.

You feel lost in advice that doesn't align with your values like diets & "This is just aging, nothing you can do": You want knowledge to PREVENT B.S. symptoms women are told to "deal with" using a flexible & fun healthy lifestyle that works WITH your female physiology, not against it!

When doctors suggest enough supplements or meds to optimize an elephant you want to scream: You want a better way to address ACTUAL root causes. You think, "Screw black cohosh, tell me WHY my body gets hot flashes & HOW to PREVENT them." or "Ok, cortisol is high but tell me WHY it's high in MY body & HOW to restore healthy levels!" You want food & exercise to be your medicine.

You want to confidently know HOW your body is changing & WHAT you can do about it.

You're Type A & don't want a bandaid fix. You need simple, clear, science-based & effective answers that drive lifelong success. If you have a checklist & a game plan that explains logic, consider it done!

This stage of life is stressful with work, aging parents & now your health & fitness suffering: You need an expert to lay out exact steps to keep feeling your best simple, focused & results-driven. You need SUSTAINABLE ease now more than ever!

If ready for RESULTS, learning how to work WITH your changing hormones to maximize your time & energy WITHOUT overcomplicating it... Badass Breakthrough Academy is for YOU!

  • gain an expert coach & practitioner that gives as big a damn about your results as you do
  • quickly learn WHY you feel stuck & exact game plans to do something about it fast
  • confidently know how to mitigate age 35+ hormone decline despite living in a world that's unfortunately set up to expedite it
  • use sustainable whole foods strategies to feel, look & perform your best every day
  • gain B.S.-free industry-leading methods that maximize your holistic lifelong success
  • know how to put it all together specific to your goals, body's unique needs & busy life
  • gain a PREVENTIVE wellness lifestyle that mitigates perimenopause fitness decline
  • gain exercise, fat loss, lifting &/or run methods that match your uniquely changing female physiology, protect your hormones & unlock your most fit & strong body for life!

It starts with a free consult to review your goals, clarify how we help & confirm we're a good fit.

Don't wait: We have very limited seats, as we provide a rare model of holistic 1:1 support, a comprehensive learning experience & detailed resources for women serious about their success.

Find details & our 2 investment options below. 

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EVERY women needs this program! As a busy Physician, it looked at the whole picture of my goals & life, with Louise doing something for women that has never been done before. At 51, I was fatigued & slowing down. Learning female 35+-specific nutrition, strength & run plans changed EVERYTHING. I'm now running times I haven't seen since my 30s! My energy no longer crashes at work & I have improved focus. I can run up hills with ease with hip & shoulder pain I was stuck with for years is gone! The 1:1 coaching & Academy resources are efficient & effective, empowering you with comprehensive knowledge to maximize your success, whether you want to get stronger, look more fit or feel amazing again. Running is my happy place & now I can now do it for life!

Ann, Award-Winning Doctor

I was feeling fat & slow, like I was doing all the right things & it shouldn't be this hard! I lost 17 pounds, learned how to listen to my body & lean out without tedious tracking. Louise is a very response coach, creates resources as you need them & has amazing mindset, nutrition & recovery hacks!

Jen, Former U.S. Olympian

I went from terrible hot flashes, cravings, considering a hysterectomy & HRT to my strongest yet. I joined this program for myself, but when my husband & kids commented how fit I look, I realized how much female-specific nutrition & training changes EVERYTHING!

Cathy, Mental Health Counselor 

When I joined, I thought it was a long shot, but I was ready to fight to feel like myself again. In 2 weeks I lost weight, went from 5 hours of terrible sleep to sleeping like a baby & no longer had mood swings. My muscle definition improves weekly & heavy periods eased without an ablation or medication! Everything is so practical that, for the first time ever, I'm confident this is sustainable.

Charlotte, Nurse & Mom to 4

I was really discouraged, feeling like running was taking everything from me rather than fulfilling me. I have immense gratitude for the practical coaching, videos & handouts that explain everything. I no longer have headaches, struggle with psoriasis or lethargy! I understand why I bloat, why I get headaches & know how to keep inflammation low. I feel stronger every day & I actually look forward to running again! It took only weeks in this program to get rid of chronic pain & issues in my hip vs. years of PT that left me frustrated. Months later, I ran a 5K at a pace I hadn't seen in YEARS! When I joined I wanted to find my strength again & figure out how to handle this changing body. This program helped me do that & so much more. I feel like a whole new woman - thank you, thank you!

Cara, Busy Mom & CEO

Thank you for giving me my wife back. I couldn't stand watching her wake up at 4:30, do endless Peloton, diet, feel miserable with bloating & poor sleep. She's finally seeing results that reflect how hard she works to take care of herself & fueling her body to perform. I've lost weight & improved fitness with your tips, too! Game changers! To say this program paid for itself is an understatement. Even our kids are learning more of the right timing & types of food. It's made such a difference!

A Client's Husband :)


I didn't learn this in med school! Everything is easy-to-follow, sharing exactly how to be energized & injury-free at any age! At an age where I'm supposed to be watching my body break down, I'm watching it get stronger! I highly recommend & refer out to Badass Breakthrough Academy for any ambitious active female who wants optimal health, longevity, fitness or to run strong for life!

Nancy, Sports Med Doctor

At age 32 I was near rock bottom with my hormone & gut health! I had rapid belly fat gain, intense night sweats, a hamstring injury that wouldn't quit, increased anxiety, depression & my running was diminishing. I thought I was doing everything right & didn't want to accept it was "just age." Within 1 month, I got rid of gut inflammation & my body was processing nutrition like it's supposed to. At 4 months, most hormonal issues stopped. After getting back to a healthy baseline, I lost 10 lbs. (most of it belly fat!) while building muscle & feel SO MUCH better! Reducing inflammation was finally what allowed my body to recover from an 18-month injury. Advice tailored to my activity level & symptoms was definitely the game-changer, but I got a lot out of the balanced whole foods approach, masterclasses & coached fat loss program!

Julie, Professor & Researcher

The programs (Louise) Valentine develops exemplify the impact one can have when they move scientific findings into evidence-based practice. By working to meet women's unique physical activity, health & wellness needs, Louise is following in the footsteps other industry-leading lights like the founder of the Female Athlete Triad.

American College of Sports Medicine Practitioner of the Year 2023 Press Release

When we know simple & sustainable ways to work with our changing hormones, we crush our goals at any age!

Most clients on HRT or meds find they can decrease or go off them with our methods.

Seats Are Limited: Contact Us Here


Save time, energy & frustrations at a fraction of what you'd typically invest in expert-level nutrition, fitness & integrative women's health support!

Our program is 6 months, customized to you & uses our industry-leading & proven methods:

  • Get detailed game plans to ditch your symptoms & achieve your goals.
  • 15 to 30-minute videos & resources are paired with 1:1 sessions to expedite results.
  • Your coach is accessible via email & our Community app to ensure we get this right!
  • Get a sustainable framework & plan of when to eat what, specific to your body & goals.
  • Keep inflammation low & balance blood sugar with a realistic whole foods approach where you understand strategies to still enjoy foods you love, coffee, alcohol, etc.
  • By Session 2 know our framework to optimize energy, hormones, gut health & metabolism, THE foundation to crush your health & fitness goals thru perimenopause!
  • Maximize 1. fat loss 2. physique 3. running or all 3! Work with your unique physiology to mitigate hormone & physical decline vs. contributing to it with outdated methods.
  • Best results are achieved with our 20 to 30-minute strength plans, instructional videos & guides expertly designed to match your fitness to your female 35+ physiology.
  • We include targeted workouts to lean out, correct for & prevent injuries, maximize core, pelvic floor, mobility, running performance, ditch mummy tummy, hip pain & more!
  • We include 50+ science-backed resources & masterclasses to ditch typical women's health & fitness decline. Ex: Maximize sleep, ditch belly fat, cravings, low libido, anxiety.
  • Unlock your next level faster with driven health & fitness-minded women in our small private community & biweekly group strategy calls, recorded if you can't make it live.
  • Investment Option 1: Eight 60-minute 1:1 sessions $2500 or 6 monthly payments $416
  • Investment Option 2: Six 60-minute 1:1 sessions $2200 or 6 monthly payments $366
  • After 6 months it's only $37/month with 1:1 sessions at a greatly reduced fee.
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Every woman's journey is designed unique to her goals, body's needs & lifestyle to drive sustainable success: 

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