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Our health & performance academy empowers runners facing stress, burnout or a health setback to optimize mind, body & running performance...

so you stress less, recover faster & come back stronger than ever!

Let's turn your setback into a badass comeback!


But, if I had to guess, you probably feel the opposite of badass right now...

  • Is running your source of sanity, stress relief & joy... but you're no longer feeling like your energetic, upbeat self?

  • Are you training for a race & finding it hard to hit goals times that were previously achievable or have you had a recent race where you hit the wall or DNF?

  • Are you showing up to workouts tired & feeling like your body is fighting against you despite your best efforts... leaving you frustrated & wanting to do something about it?

  • Were you once able to play hard, work hard & run hard & all of a sudden everything is just hard?

  • Do you find yourself having to do more things, like buy more recovery tools, tech or supplements just to maintain a baseline of energy & recovery?

  • Are you dedicated, putting the miles every day, but you're frustrated because you're not seeing progress... & if you're honest, you're just plain exhausted?!

If any of this is you, stress is likely crushing your ability to crush your goals!

Are you facing any of the following health setbacks?


  • Are you experiencing frequent injuries, wondering why they keep happening & what you can do to make them stop?
  • Are you seeing red flags from your body, like brain fog, frequent colds, loss of menstrual cycle or chronically tight/sore muscles?
  • Are you trying to lose weight or gain muscle, but despite a good diet & workout plan your weight won't budge or you can't gain muscle? 
  • Are you in an epic battle with exhaustion... the kind that leaves you snapping at your kids, a real "joy" to deal with at work & falling asleep on the couch by 8PM?
  • Have you seen your doctor for health concerns but were unable to determine a root cause?
  • Have you received a diagnosis & you're feeling broken, confused & not knowing where to start because you've always been fit & healthy?
  • Do you find yourself questioning your ability to feel & run well, wondering what the heck happened to your goal crushing self?!

If any of the above is you, you can come back stronger than ever.

& I know this is possible because at some point in my life, I've answered YES TO ALL of the above questions!

You're busy, stressed, maybe angry that you're facing a setback & you just want to be able to run with energy & joy again!

So how can you restore your health, regain energy & return to running your best without adding any more stress?


Badass Breakthrough Academy is the only hybrid wellness & performance coaching program empowering you with simple, practical & science-backed strategies to maximize mind, body & running performance... so you can stress less, optimize health & run your best!

Badass Breakthrough Academy is everything you need to:

  • Learn practical strategies to supercharge your body's physiology. 
  • Master a high-performance mindset. (i.e., Tell me the fastest way to do it, without hours of meditation!)
  • Own the ability to achieve your goals with ease, knowing exactly how to drive results.

It is possible to break through stress & setbacks to be a healthy, energized & resilient runner!

"Despite what at times felt like insurmountable odds, I found the power to continue moving forward. The practical strategies are truly one of the keys to achieving next-level success!"

-Erin, busy mom & Pharmacist who won a 100-mile race. Joined to maximize running performance, despite health challenges & high-stress life events.

"I just ran a hilly course made tougher by heavy rain. I was happy with my effort but even more proud of my resilience, which I credit to the strategies learned in this course!"

-Patrick, triathlete & Navy Commander. Joined to optimize mindset & combat effects of work-life exhaustion on his ability to remain energized & train hard.


Here's how Badass Breakthrough Academy is your all-in-one solution!

1. 4-month access to academy curriculum  

"I appreciate that this program is fluff-free. It gets to the point & reinforces the Biggest Bang for Your Buck strategies!" - Lou, Marathon Runner & Engineer

  • Our concise training modules are designed for a busy lifestyle, available via video, audio & PDF. Listen on the go, while exercising, or view at a computer!
  • Learn strategies to boost mind & body performance with options to keep them simple & flexible for everyday life.
  • Use our plug-n-play science-backed game plan to create a sustainable solution, empowering you to supercharge your mind, body & running ability especially when faced with stress & setbacks. This ensures you put strategies together to achieve the best results!
  • Learn simple ways to save time, maximize results for your current (& future) health & running goals... achieving sustainable high-performance success!

2. Personalized Feedback

  • During your onboarding call, meet 1:1 with Louise to review your health & running goals. You can immediately take a deep breath as you simplify & focus your next steps to come back stronger than ever!
  • Get detailed feedback on how to best apply our mind, body & running strategies to meet your goals.
  • Tuition includes 3 opportunities to submit items for review by Louise, a MPH, Health Education Specialist, published wellness researcher, Strength Coach, Sports & Medical Massage Therapist, Physiologist & more!* i.e. Submit your running, strength training or nutrition plans for review. If you are facing a health setback get feedback on how to adjust your training based on your body's needs to ensure your comeback is efficient & effective! 

*Louise has certifications so she can collaborate with your medical or physical therapy team, if you have an injury or health setback.

3. Biweekly Group Coaching Call with Louise 

"Wow, this call helped me realize how unproductive I was being!  I now know how to map out a smarter plan." - Jana, Marathoning Mom & CPA 

  • 4-month access to expert-level coaching to discuss your most important health, fitness & performance questions.
  • Busy? Presubmit questions & watch the recorded answer at your convenience. (See example video.)
  • Imagine getting you the knowledge you need, when you need it! i.e., troubleshooting tight muscles, recovery & race day strategies, busting through mindset blocks, debunking wellness trends, holistic health & more!

Review Louise's full list of credentials to expedite your success in the FAQ below.


4. Private online community

"The attentiveness in this academy is excellent! So many ways to ensure you get results!" - Lori, Ultrarunner & Scientist 

  • Enjoy on-demand support in our client-only community.
  • Surround yourself with others on a mission to elevate their health & running performance!
  • Many enjoy using the community, others like to keep to themselves.  Love it or leave it, whatever works for you!

Note: This is not a Facebook group & lives within our virtual academy environment.


Meet Your Coach  

Hi! I'm Louise. I've had to come back from stress, illness & setbacks a lot in my life, so it's now my mission to empower my clients to turn their setback into a badass comeback!

No matter where you are starting from, it's possible to stress less, recover better & be a resilient runner! I've used our academy strategies to quickly bounce back from injuries, break through burnout & to qualify for a competitive running team (after kids). I'm also still on a comeback journey, successfully reversing "chronic" diagnoses I was told there was nothing I could do about (Osteoporosis, precancerous stomach, hypothyroid & more)!

As a career-driven military spouse, my dynamic experience will expedite your journey. You'll learn strategies from my research studying the health of the U.S. military & working for NFL sports med teams. I have learned a lot in my 20 years working with hundreds of people in gyms, physical therapy clinics, hospitals, collaborating with holistic Physicians & designing wellness solutions for communities & companies throughout the U.S. 

It's time to perform your best, making your setback a strong comeback so you can live a vibrant, healthy life!

Review my full list of credentials in the FAQ below.

the time is now!

There is no better time to be well, feel well & run well!

Contact me using the button below so we start building your badass breakthrough!


But don't just take it from me...

"The strategies & coaching helped me recover better & crush negative thoughts to keep going strong!"

When Lori, a scientist & mom of 2 joined the academy she was in a high-stress period of life, feeling burned out from juggling the pandemic, her job & training. She set a goal to break through her burnout, PR her marathon & unlock her athletic performance potential. She not only met her marathon goal, but optimized her life to be more energized, resilient & ease-filled!

Lori says, "The lessons helped me cut through the noise in my training & focus on the important elements. The modules are brief, yet packed with valuable information that can be used when training & to improve everyday life. The detailed coaching helped me take focused action & see immediate results! I love the simple brain performance & mindset strategies & even taught them to my son."

Here's what other badass clients have to say!

"A good performance on the field is, in part, a direct result of Louise and I working together."

I no longer exclusively work for the NFL, but Sean was a former client. We focused on simple high-performance mindset strategies & enhancing his body's ability to recover so he could better handle whatever game day brought his way!

Sean says, "Working with Louise has always been extremely important to me because I am playing at such an intense level of football.  I value her knowledge because I know although my problems may differ from week to week, Louise will help me stay on top."

Academy strategies have been tested under elite levels of performance!

"Louise teaches in an honest, straightforward way so you can apply the techniques to be successful right away. I was excited to put what I learned into action, even with my businesses!"

- Greg, maximizes his fitness & mental performance, despite being a busy CEO, advocate for his community & a dedicated father to 3


"Louise listened to both my goals and my concerns.  She went the extra mile to provide a customized game plan.  My overall attitude and energy improved.  I feel good about myself again!"

- Theresa, Met her goal to regain fitness & return to training despite fighting an old back injury, being a single mom & busy business owner. 

"The entire cast had nothing but positive things to say about working with Louise. I would recommend her to any athlete who wants to feel and perform better!" 

- Kelly, former private client & Pro Dancer who optimized mind & body performance in a high-demand tour requiring long hours, multiple shows per day & stressful time away from family.



  • You love running & pushing your body to achieve goal times, complete marathons or ultra distances. 
  • Health & fitness is important to you & you need to prevent illness, injuries, exhaustion & burnout.
  • You want practical ways to boost your mind, body & running performance that are effective & science-based.
  • You want to know the best ways to increase energy & help your body recover without having to search for solutions or feeling like you need an entire sports med team to keep you going.
  • You value a zero-fluff approach so you can maximize your recovery, health, performance, time & energy!


  • You fall on & off the wagon of your training plan or need accountability to run each day.
  • Health & fitness isn't really your jam & you don't get why people run far.
  • You love mindset strategies & enjoy spending hours per day meditating. (We keep mindset strategies quick & simple.)
  • You are not facing stress or a setback. (I recommend working with a running coach for a plan & coming back if you need to adjust based on physical/mental stress or a health concern.)
  • You enjoy spending time researching all the different solutions, strategies & best practices on your own.

Still not sure if Badass Breakthrough Academy is for you?

Here's how to learn more.

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We'll make sure you are informed to decide if Badass Breakthrough Academy is for you.

Here's how a typical onboarding process works:

1. Complete the form below. 2. I'll reach out via email within 2 business days so we can discuss your questions & goals. 3. If you prefer, you can also watch my free training to further understand the academy strategies & structure. 4. Decide to enroll. 5. Comeback stronger & achieve sustainable success!

It's time to build your badass breakthrough! 

Contact me using this form. I'm excited to hear more about your goals!

Please note I work with individuals at all levels, but everyone in our academy is serious about their success. 😊



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