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Industry-leading support & results for women 35+ ready to ditch hormone havoc, maximize fitness, fat loss or strong running through perimenopause... with less stress!

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We welcome all women serious about feeling your best, including non-runners.¬†ūüėä
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Hi! I'm Louise, named America's leading health & fitness expert 2023, etc.


Trying to feel, look or run your best but hormones wreaking havoc? If your body feels like it's fighting you as you eat well yet feel stuck with fatigue, brain fog, belly fat, lack of results looking fit or sluggish workouts, Welcome to the right place! 

The slow metabolism that came out of nowhere, muscle loss, energy crashes, low libido, cravings, digestive issues, poor sleep, hot flashes, anxiety... been there, done that, it sucked. In my journey turning my health, hormone & fitness breakdowns into breakthroughs + 21 years work in women's integrative health, fitness, running & performance, I found no methods to ditch & effectively prevent these symptoms. So, I deep dived into the science & created them myself! 

The good news: The symptoms you feel are not you, they're your changing hormones. Once you know simple & sustainable ways to work with them, you can feel your best fast. Recently named #1 practitioner in the world by American College of Sports Medicine, my co-coaches Amy, Ariel & I empower you with the 1:1 support, knowledge & results you deserve in one efficient program!

#1 We help you ditch being told "This is just aging, nothing you can do", misinformation & outdated approaches that leave you stuck like generalized advice not specific to your body, diets & macros.

#2 Get immediate 1:1 support to mitigate your body's unique symptoms using a low stress whole foods approach. You'll learn when to eat what with my step-by-step method to unlock your best energy, hormones, gut health & metabolism so your body stops fighting your goals & ditches perimenopause symptoms fast. We help you keep it simple & find what works best for YOUR body, goals & life.

#3 Coaching options include how to maximize a lean & fit look, build strength, ditch body fat or run happy, healthy & injury-free. We empower you to crush your goals with methods that PREVENT the frustrating women's health & fitness declines the rest of the world tells us to accept as "normal."

If you think, "Hell yes! I want MORE for my life & to feel like my most strong, fit & capable self again!", it starts with a free consult to review your goals & confirm we're a good fit.

Find what's included, pricing, FAQ & can't miss results from women with a variety of goals below.

Not ready? Learn how to be vibrantly energized, fit, well & active for life via our Top 50 Podcast.

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Our program includes 1:1 sessions, customized plans, group Q&As, our award-winning learning Academy & a community of supportive women:

1:1 sessions, nutrition feedback & email coaching support is where the magic happens:

  • Ditch¬†your body's unique symptoms fast using a simple whole foods approach.
  • Unlock your best energy, hormones, gut health, metabolism & fitness results!¬†
  • Confidently know how to balance blood sugar & ditch inflammation¬†to feel your best.
  • Get a crystal clear picture of when to eat what relative to your goals & schedule.
  • Crush¬†your goals without¬†giving up fun foods you love, caffeine or alcohol!
  • Done-for-you meal ideas, family-friendly tips & on-demand support in our Community.
  • Learn holistic science-based strategies to improve¬†sleep, ditch cravings, belly fat, brain fog, mood swings, muscle loss, fat gain, bloating, energy crashes, hot flashes¬†& more!

Look fit, get strong, ditch fat &/or run your best:

  • Ditch macros & diets with our simple fat loss methods that work with & not against our changing hormones. Achieve sustainable success with our methods that protect¬†your energy & metabolism!
  • Our award-winning running & fueling methods are designed to prevent hormone & fitness decline instead of add to it.¬†Whether you want to run energized & injury-free with friends, learn how to ditch body fat & run strong, love ultras or are chasing a¬†PR, we empower you¬†to maximize your success!
  • Time-efficient results-driven strength plan videos,¬†cheat sheets & optional 1:1 support.
  • 50+ resources with PDF¬†guides, videos & audio to learn on-the-go:¬†mindset, recovery, cortisol¬†balance, mobility, women's health, best supplements, core, pelvic floor & MORE!
  • Everything you need to feel your best, achieve your goals & sustain¬†your success!
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When we know simple & sustainable ways to work with our changing hormones, we crush our goals at any age!

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Results after 1 session: 

Just a few months later:

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I didn't learn this in med school! Everything is easy-to-follow, sharing exactly how to be energized & injury-free at any age! At an age where I'm supposed to be watching my body break down, I'm watching it get stronger! I highly recommend & refer out to Badass Breakthrough Academy for any ambitious active female who wants optimal health, longevity, fitness or to run strong for life!

Nancy, Sports Med Dr. running strong marathons in her 50s!

I was really discouraged, feeling like running was taking everything from me rather than fulfilling me. I have immense gratitude for the practical coaching, videos & handouts that explain everything. I no longer have headaches, struggle with psoriasis or lethargy! I understand why I bloat, why I get headaches & know how to keep inflammation low. I feel stronger every day & I actually look forward to running again! It took only weeks in this program to get rid of chronic pain & issues in my hip vs. years of PT that left me frustrated. Months later, I ran a 5K at a pace I hadn't seen in YEARS! When I joined I wanted to find my strength again & figure out how to handle this changing body. This program helped me do that & so much more. I feel like a whole new woman - thank you, thank you!

Cara, restored her vibrance to race through Rome to celebrate her 40s!

When I joined, I thought it was a long shot, but I was ready to fight to feel like myself again. In 2 weeks I lost weight, went from 5 hours of terrible sleep to sleeping like a baby & no longer had mood swings. My muscle definition improves weekly & heavy periods eased without an ablation or medication! Everything is so practical that, for the first time ever, I'm confident this is sustainable.

Charlotte, busy RN, ditched hormone havoc to maximize fitness over 40!

Thank you for giving me my wife back. I couldn't stand watching her wake up at 4:30, do endless Peloton, eat virtually nothing, suffer during her time of the month & feel miserable. This program paid for itself within the first month! She's FINALLY seeing results that reflect how hard she works to take care of herself. I've lost weight & improved fitness with your tips, too! Game changers! 

Hubby of an Academy client :)


I was feeling fat & slow, like I was doing all the right things & it shouldn't be this hard! I lost 17 pounds, learned how to listen to my body & lean out without tedious tracking. Louise is a very response coach, creates resources as you need them & has amazing mindset, nutrition & recovery hacks!

Jen, former Olympian, maximizing ability to look & feel her best!

EVERY women needs this program! It looks at the whole picture. At 51, I was fatigued & slowing down. Learning female-specific nutrition, strength & run plans changed everything. I'm running times I haven't seen since my 30s & am getting closer to my BQ! My energy no longer crashes at work, I run up hills with ease, hip & shoulder pain is gone! Louise's coaching is efficient & effective, empowering you with comprehensive knowledge & tools to maximize your active life.

Ann, Award-Winning Doctor

I started working with Louise this year to unlock potential by dialing in nutrition & fitness. I learned way more than expected & implementing suggestions was manageable.  Yes, I like to eat a handful of chips, but pairing them with almonds to aid in digestion - brilliant!  Louise has a style that makes unlocking potential less daunting & more exciting because results are seen & felt in days & weeks, not months. I'm so glad we worked together!

Heather, working mom of 3 teens, business owner, ultrarunner.

I went from terrible hot flashes, cravings, considering a hysterectomy & HRT to my strongest yet. I joined this program for myself, but when my husband & kids commented how fit I look, I realized how much it changed EVERYTHING!

Cathy, ditched counterproductive diets & exercise to unlock her best!


For a dietitian, integrative health practitioner, personal trainer, award-winning holistic course & expert fitness, PT or running coach you'd typically pay $10,000s... 

Badass Breakthrough Academy is only $1900 or 6 monthly payments $317!

  • Everything you need to feel your best, achieve your goals & confidently sustain your success
  • Award-winning learning Academy
  • 6 flexible 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Plans¬†customized to your health, physique, fat loss or run goals
  • 1:1 email¬†support
  • Monthly live Q&A w/ our 3 expert coaches + replay access
  • Private support community (not on Facebook)
  • More 1:1 sessions if needed
  • Supplement & wellness¬†discounts
  • Access to Functional Med tests
  • After 6 months stay¬†connected to our Q&A, community & updated resources¬†for only $37/month!
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