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Named 2020 Certified Health Education Specialist of the Year, Top 10 Performance Coach, Best-Selling Author, 2022 Small Business Hero & Woman Leader in Science
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Hi! I'm Louise, runner, Physiologist, health & performance expert.


Facing frustrating brain fog, weight gain, low energy, health concerns, injuries or plateaus in your fitness or running? After 35 our physiology is changing, but we CAN work with our body, support its needs & optimize our health while working to achieve fitness or running goals. I help you keep it low stress & focused on: 

  • addressing root cause of symptoms driving you nuts
  • simple science-based actions you can take right away to feel your best
  • holistic support for ALL elements of your success, from how to best train, lift, eat & recover after 35 to breaking through women's mind & body health challenges!

Supporting your body is the secret to unlocking your most healthy & resilient self: I faced "menopause" in my 20s, stuck weight, being last on my XC team, bone & stomach disease. I took charge of & reversed my health, going from burned out, bloated & broken to a strong sub-elite runner, energized mom & vibrantly well woman! 

I now provide other women the dedicated support I wish I would've had. With 20 years experience, 15+ advanced credentials & awards for my work in women's health, NFL sports med teams, the military & performance research... I'll share exactly how you can feel & perform your best, too! 

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Badass Breakthrough Academy

A customized program for women 35+ to achieve goals w/ more energy, less stress!

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Sleep Strategies Workshop

Join us live in December for science-based tips & tricks you need to know!

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Expert-Level Massage Therapy

Offered in North Wilmington, DE & surrounding areas!

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No one has ever solved my problems before... Louise does. Whether we review health concerns, running, nutrition or tight muscles, I learn SO much about my body & how to feel my best despite a busy stage of life!

Karol, from frustrating frequent illness & fatigue to energized RunnerMom!

Louise helped me cut through the noise in my approach to running. My energy improved & I learned how to support my body through perimenopause, strength train to prevent injury, optimize mindset & recovery!

Lori, from work/pandemic burnout to marathon PR & energized ultrarunning at age 47!

Louise went the extra mile to customize my plan & research my conditions. I returned to fitness, with my attitude & energy improved. I'm stronger & feel good about myself again!

Theresa, Single Mom & Small Business Owner

Louise listens & makes everything so manageable. I didn't think it was possible to lose 20 lbs., repair my gut health & run with energy again in my 50s!

Helen, from brain fog, health & hormone concerns back to running her best! 

Louise helps me improve my health, feel good, perform better & take care of my body. She's one of the best out there!

NFL Defensive Tackle

Louise will give you practical & attainable resources to help you succeed!

Dr. Chrissy Pratt, Industry-Leading Lower Extremity Surgeon

I could tell a difference in my body after 3 weeks! I feel energized & sexy again, truly loving myself & my body for the first time in my life.

Charlotte, nurse working night shifts who felt stuck in her fitness & nutrition after 40.

Working with Louise includes everything you need... flexible support from a Physiologist with extensive experience. It makes a difference!

Brooke, built strength to support pain-free pregnant running & an empowered birth!

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