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We have a combined 55+ years' experience to find, own & optimize what works best for you! 


Meet Louise, Founder


My Story: I firmly believe you are fully capable of working with your fierce female body to unlock your best DESPITE the world telling us we "can't" overcome women's health concerns & that aging inevitably will be the death of our health, fitness, physique & running. Here's why:

Growing up I was always sick, anxious & last on my XC team. When told I was destined for disease due to my family history & not "built" to be a runner, I dedicated my life to studying physiology, fitness, nutrition, women's health & integrative wellness to do something about it!

Unfortunately, my body lacked estrogen since my youth. I tried all the "right" strategies I learned in my masters work, research fellowships & when working in pro sports. I looked like I was crushing it as I won awards for my innovation in women's health, ran 74 half marathons while pregnant & pumped breast milk at the Boston Marathon.

However, my body was talking to me. Reality was, I was an overstressed Army wife struggling with brain fog, anxiety, bloating & fatigue that never went away no matter how well I ate. At age 33, after fiercely advocating for myself in our broken healthcare system, I was diagnosed with early menopause, stomach precancer, Osteoporosis, gut infections, hypothyroidism, autoimmune disease & more!

I was told there was nothing I could do but HRT & $1,000s in supplements, so I took a step back & asked WHY my body was fighting me. I realized the best practices I was applying to support my health, fitness & running were never designed specific to how our female body actually works! In fact, they were draining my hormones, energy & health, making things worse. So, I took action to design my own methods to turn my breakdowns into breakthroughs.

I shocked my doctors as I reversed my health with a low stress whole food, lifestyle & training approach that supported my female body, protected my hormones & optimized my energy. I then shocked myself as these methods were also the key to unlocking my best fitness, as I finally started to look lean & fit, ditch stuck weight, gain strength & improved running to the point of qualifying for a competitive team! 

With awards like #1 Health Educator in the U.S. for my results-driven holistic wellness program designs, #1 health & fitness expert in the world by American College of Sports Medicine, etc. I now provide dedicated active women like you the meticulous 1:1 holistic coaching & cutting-edge female-specific methods you deserve.

After reading my story, I think you see why I will fiercely have your back. No woman deserves to feel, look or run like shit :)

If it means the world to you to age vibrantly well & be fit, energized & strong for life, I can't wait to support you!

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Meet Coach Ariel


My Story: With 20+ years as a Dietitian, I dedicated my life to certifications in women's health, sports nutrition, functional nutrition & personal training. I also took nearly every perimenopause course out there, but felt beyond frustrated, as there was so much poor guidance that drove me out of balance with my body's individual needs. 

Methods promoting restriction of nourishing foods, too much underfueling relative to my activity level & outdated science not designed specific to an active female body's needs left me confused & without results. These methods are now what I help you ditch here at Breaking Through Wellness! Here's more about my experience in our program as a student, as more women need to know what is possible:

Disheartened by my doctor's diagnosis of premature ovarian failure, I refused to accept it. Through my research & efforts, I modified some symptoms, but the true transformation came when I started working with Louise.

I was struggling with lack of cycles & sleep issues. I was told this was normal for my age at 43 & my only option was to start birth control. I knew this wasn't the answer & frankly, I wanted more for my life, being I've always been so dedicated to my health, nutrition & fitness.

Louise was the first practitioner who blended the best strategies from across the traditional healthcare, integrative wellness, nutrition, fitness & performance fields to design an approach unique to me.

Our Academy methods quickly transformed my health, energy, sleep, metabolism & hormones. I got a normal menstrual cycle within weeks! I improved my body composition, returned to running, ditched old injuries with our strength training plans & started to feel like my strong self again! I am eternally grateful to have found Louise & trusted the process. It was with her compassionate & caring guidance that I was able to heal my hormones & fuel, train & lift in a way that truly supported my female physiology.

Now, I help women just like you gain the same strategies & personalized insights to optimize your hormonal health, day-to-day vibrance & body's performance.

Our team has extensive experience in fitness, performance, integrative & functional nutrition. We also agree that there is too much unnecessary testing, supplements & poor advice.

You don’t need to count macros, follow a diet or use a fancy new biohacking tool to optimize your health & sail through perimenopause. Our bodies are brilliant & know exactly how to thrive when given the right input. 

If ready for an individually designed program to unlock your body's potential, your path to transformation starts now!  

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Meet Coach Amy 


My Story: Despite my integrative health, fitness & personal training certifications, I felt stuck not really looking the part of a health & fitness practitioner. I also realized being so busy, I was living to support others more than myself. 

If you feel stuck & like your body is fighting you despite your best efforts, I've been there. Symptoms like feeling sluggish, like I wanted to murder someone every time my cycle came & my go-to workouts & nutrition no longer producing results drove me nuts! It felt like these changes happened overnight, which was also shocking when I worked so hard to feel fit & strong.

I felt stuck with old injuries despite years of PT & chiropractic, which was epically frustrating as I do love to run a bit & stay active with my family. I didn't want to feel like I was breaking down in my 40s! I knew it was time to learn how my female body was changing & how to keep doing something about it simple. So, I took a leap & reached out to Louise for support.

Through consistent application of our program's strategies that were tailored to fit my busy schedule & body's individual needs, my results now reflect the hard work & dedication I put into my nutrition & fitness. My range of motion improved, I ditched my injuries & learned simple & sustainable ways to fuel best fitness results. I now get comments on my physique & most importantly, feel like my freaking self again! 

I still enjoy a good wine, love to have my splurges & live a go-go-go life, but now I have the strategies to work with my female body & not against it. I'm grateful for my experience in this program & can't wait to support your journey. 

If you too know you're done playing a guessing game with your changing body & ready to finally unlock your potential to maximize a vibrantly fit, well & beautiful life, let's go! 

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