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Massage Therapy


Ready to feel better fast with one-of-a-kind science-based sports, medical & deep tissue massage?

  • Get assessed to learn where your body is misaligned.
  • Learn self-care & corrective exercises to address root cause of your pain (so you're not dependent upon a lifetime of massage)!
  • Learn what, why & how to feel your best.
  • Location: I travel to you or am located in North Wilmington, DE & Philly area.
  • 16+ years award-winning expert experience w/ NFL & MLB sports med teams, runners, rockstars, women's health specialities, Physical Therapy & Chiropractic clinics, hospitals, spas & more!
  • I blend advanced certifications so you achieve incredibly efficient results: Masters in health, a college degree in & Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage, Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist, Sacroiliac Joint Specialist, Precision Neuromuscular Therapist, American College of Sports Medicine Exercise Physiologist, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, etc.
  • Rates: $100/60 min. or $140/90 min. + travel fees if outside of DE area.

Contact me to book a session using the form, text or call (216) 470-7814. 

My Clients Say It Best

NFL Defensive Tackle

"Louise's skills are therapeutically based & help me perform better, especially when injured. I really feel a difference on the field!"

Sally, Massage Therapist

"Louise has vast knowledge of the body to enhance your well-being. She effectively assesses, applies techniques & educates to achieve excellent results!"

Irene, Runner

"Louise gives the BEST massage ever! I relax, am running better & feel the best I have in years! Her corrective exercises are specific & helpful!"