Women Runners: Run your best without draining your health, hormones & energy along the way!

Badass Breakthrough Academy empowers you with simple ways to work with your female physiology to unlock vibrant health, strength & mind-body resilience!


Does this sound like you?


  • You're dedicated to health, fitness & want to be running well into your 40s & beyond! You love running, chasing PRs or ultramarathons.
  • You're sick of battling fatigue, stress & frustrations, wondering how you can best support your body to be strong, healthy & injury-free! 


  • You want to ditch ineffective trends & complex training plans, because you recognize they're starting to drain your health, time & energy!
  • You're tired of trying to piece together training, mindset, strength & nutrition: you're a busy mom or working woman who needs simplicity & ease!

 When you learn simple ways to work with your mind & body, it changes the game!

Review what's included & incredible everyday women runner success stories below!


Gain back time & energy as you take a simple science-based approach to achieve your goals!

  • Your search for answers ends here: Get 1:1 support from Coach Louise, named #1 Health Specialist in the U.S., running coach, wellness researcher & Exercise Physiologist!
  • Take the guesswork out of how to best approach your running, fitness & health goals: From mindset & trouble-shooting tight muscles, to getting a customized running, strength training or nutrition plan to increase energy, break through plateaus, support hormonal health, etc.

Resources to Unlock Optimal Health & Energy

Access video trainings & printable resources so you have go-to strategies anytime you need them!

  • Learn the 2 keys to longevity & how to gain kickass energy during your day!
  • Strategies for smart supplementation: ditch toxic products & learn the best options for recovery, vitamins, gut health & more.
  • Learn science-backed sleep strategies & special considerations for runners!
  • Learn the most effective ways to use caffeine & high-performance alcohol hacks.
  • Learn 3 simple ways to improve eating habits: ditch stress eating & still enjoy life while supporting your goals.
  • Nutrition strategy cheatsheets to take the guesswork out of what/when to eat to fuel your energy, runs & recovery!
  • Learn holistic health strategies to support perimenopause, decrease bloating or keep cycles on track if you're missing periods!
  • New resources added monthly based on client needs & cutting-edge science!

Resources to be unstoppable

  • Access a time-efficient warm up & running-specific strength workout, complete with video demos: Strengthen the muscles you need to prevent injury & run your best!
  • Blood Test & Healthy Hormones Checklist: This tool helps you work with your doctor to monitor your body's response to exercise & stress to prevent burnout/setbacks!
  • How I ran 74 half marathons while pregnant + how to run safely through pregnancy & restore your pelvic floor!
  • Learn 4 ways to prevent injuries that change the game!
  • Don't let illness bring you down: Learn science-backed strategies to adjust nutrition & training when fighting viruses, colds & flus.

Maximize Your Mind & Body Performance

  • Learn simple ways to stress less: discovered in my journey reversing health diagnoses & burnout, learn how to empower your mind & unlock your inner badass!
  • Learn how to identify warning signs from your body & take quick corrective action to stay energized & injury-free.
  • Save time as you learn the best ways to troubleshoot tight muscles, recover better & bounce back from injury.
  • Have a desk job or sit a lot? Learn how to prevent your day job from crushing your ability to crush your goals!
  • Be empowered with simple ways to dig deep, reduce anxiety & maximize confidence to be at your best on race day & in everyday life!
  • Bonus resources to support a culture of health & fitness in your family: how to empower your kids with resilient mindset & sports nutrition skills!

Badass Breakthrough Academy includes:

  • 4-month access to virtual academy: video lessons & printable resources to step into full mastery of your badassery!
  • Six 1:1 coaching sessions with Coach Louise, Exercise Physiologist & #1 Health Specialist in the U.S.! 
  • 4 months of coaching support: email & text Coach Louise, getting answers when you need them!

From crushing PRs, to being their healthiest yet, my clients are empowered to feel & run their best!



Broke through multiple health concerns, stubborn weight & fatigue!

"Everything was so simple & manageable. Within weeks my energy increased, I went off anxiety meds, lost 5 pounds & was jogging the bleachers at my daughter's practice!" 


Ultrarunner, mom & Pharmacist who won races, more time & energy! 

"Despite hormonal challenges, I found the power to keep moving forward. The strategies are practical, highly actionable & key to achieving next-level health & performance!"


 Marathoning Mom, took her energy & running to the next level!

"Louise's coaching was thorough & specific. I can now address barriers that come up in my health, training & identify what approaches work best!"


Ultrarunner & Scientist, broke through work-life-pandemic burnout!

"I learned how to crush negative thoughts & recover better. I took focused action, cut through the noise in my training & hit my PRs!"


Fitness Lover & Business Owner

"My attitude & energy improved. I feel good about myself again!"


NP, Military Spouse & Mom of 4

"We really can keep it simple & achieve success!"


Here's what my pro clients have to say! 

NFL Defensive Tackle

"Louise helps me know how to improve my health, feel good & take care of my body. She's one of the best out there!"

Pro Dancer

"The cast had nothing but positive feedback to say about working with Louise. I'd recommend her to anyone looking to feel & perform better!"

Meet Your Coach

Hi! I'm Louise. It's my passion to empower women runners to feel, run & live their best... without overcomplicating it!

I started my career working for the NFL, learning the art of applying sports science at a young age. I moved on to publish research studying how to improve the health & fitness of the U.S. military & earn my Masters.

As I served as a wellness expert across the U.S., I also ran 73 half marathons while pregnant & qualified for Boston. I was last on my high school Cross Country team, but later in life I unlocked my potential!

Unfortunately, I also experienced hormone challenges. I burned out trying to balance being a military spouse, fitness, family & career. Then, in my 30s, I got diagnosed with Osteoporosis & precancer!

Thankfully, I turned my breakdowns into breakthroughs! I took charge of my health, worked with my body & reversed my conditions when my doctors said it couldn't be done!

By keeping things simple & working with my body, I also qualified for a running team! It's now my mission that all women know how to run their best without derailing their health, hormones & energy along the way!

I created this program so you too can go from good to great or burned out to badass... with science-based tools & next-level support!

With Badass Breakthrough Academy you'll achieve your current goals...

But you'll also be empowered to enjoy a LIFETIME of feeling & running your very best!


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  • 4-month access to Badass Breakthrough Academy's video trainings & printable resources 
  • Six 1:1 coaching sessions
  • 4-months text & email coaching support
  • Discounts with partner companies
  • Everything you need to feel & run your best!



$875/month  Limited Time Savings

  • 4-month access to Badass Breakthrough Academy's video trainings & printable resources
  • Six 1:1 coaching sessions 
  • 4-months text & email coaching support
  • Discounts with partner companies
  • Everything you need to feel & run your best!

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