When you learn simple & sustainable ways to work with your female body, you're fully capable of unlocking your best with less stress:

Helen, Active Mom, 50s

"Despite working with doctors without success, Louise got to the root of weird symptoms fast! Within weeks energy increased for the first time in years, I lost 5 lbs & went off medication. I'm now down 25 lbs. & watching friends in their 30s & 40s slow down while I improve times & FEEL GOOD!

Charlynn, Fitness Lover, 40s

"After 2 weeks I saw changes! Strategizing nutrition to my hectic RN schedule was a game-changer. I'm now the most fit I've ever been, with improved libido & confidence. For the first time, I love my body & feel sexy! Learning how to adjust fitness & nutrition to fit my body made all the difference. Highly recommend!"

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Cathy, Active Mom, 50s

"I'm so grateful for this program & gaining knowledge! The nutrition feedback immediately improved my PCOS, sleep & energy when I had struggled for years! Combined with my strength plans & learning how to adjust for my body, I feel really strong, am hiking with my kids & have renewed hope I have the tools to help my body keep breast cancer from returning!"

Linda, Runner, late 30s

"After ONE coaching session, my energy & bloating felt so much better! Months later, I arrived to my marathon watching my friends pick up their packet burned out & injured, while I felt stronger, had restored my pelvic floor & lost belly fat I've had for years. I'm SO grateful to have learned how to fuel my body without a crazy diet! This program improved my mindset, confidence & life!"

Sarah, Triathlete, mid 30s

"I can now confidently address barriers in my health, nutrition & training! It's eye-opening: Badass Academy replaced my trainer, run coach, a need for dry needling, nutritionist... while getting better results with one female-specific strength plan than years of PT!

Lori, Ultrarunner, 40s

"Learning how to train, lift, recover & eat specific to perimenopause help me hit a PR at age 47! I cut through confusing industry noise & improved mind-body health, even sharing stress management & nutrition strategies with my son!

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