Women 35+: Own the ability to be a healthy, energized & resilient runner or fitness lover for life w/o ineffective trends, complex or stressful solutions!

Ready to unlock vibrant mind-body health & fitness, run your best without injury or thrive through perimenopause? You're in the right place!

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Does this sound like you?

  • You work hard to achieve goals: You're ambitious, passionate & driven to be your best for yourself & others.
  • You're age 35+ & seeing a shift in your energy, recovery & body's needs: You want to understand these changes & take best practice action to do something about it! 
  • You don't want to settle for less than vibrant energy, hormones, mind & body health to thrive thru your 40s, 50s & beyond!
  • You want time-efficient strategies specific to YOUR body's needs & goals, wishing you gain simplicity & ease in your busy life!
  • Injury, weight gain & burnout are your worst nightmare. If you're in this place now, you're ready to come back stronger than ever!
  • You want skills to ditch health-degrading products, ineffective & outdated trends.
  • You want a lifetime of feeling your best WITHOUT stressing, guessing or overwhelm!

Badass Breakthrough Academy is for you! This 4-month program combines coaching + online learning:

  • Videos & cheat sheets empowering you with knowledge, skills & hacks to be unstoppable, vibrantly well & fit for life!
  • Fully customized support from Louise, named #1 Health Educator in the U.S., Physiologist, run coach, Top 10 Performance Coach, published researcher, etc.
  • virtual or in-person coaching sessions: Learn the root cause of what's holding you back & low stress science-based ways to work with your body, specific to your goals & what works best for YOU! (see circle image)
  • Private client community & text support for quick answers to questions.
  • Monthly virtual group Q&A or educational seminar + bonus in-person events for those located in Wilmington, DE.
  • ONLY $297/mo. or 1 payment of $1188!
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The day we realize no pill, diet or fitness trend is coming to save us is the most powerful day of our life. Women CAN own the ability to work with their mind & body... and it doesn't have to be complicated:

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Goal to run 50 marathons in 50 states & support her body despite past injuries:

"Louise's coaching is thorough! I can now address barriers that come up in my health, training & know what approaches work best! I'm eating the right foods at the right time & no longer "need" a nap!"


Scientist & mom, broke through burnout to run an ultra & marathon PR at age 47:

"I learned how to train, lift smarter & eat specific to perimenopause. I'm recovering better & taking focused action to achieve my goals. The mind-body strategies are excellent & improve day-to-day life!"


Reversed brain fog, multiple health concerns & chronic fatigue:

"Everything I learned was so manageable! Within weeks my energy increased for the first time in YEARS, I lost a stubborn 5 pounds & went off anxiety medication!"


Ultrarunner & Pharmacist who won a race, more confidence & energy: 

"Despite hormone challenges & what seemed like insurmountable odds, I found the power to keep moving forward. Louise's practical strategies are key to next-level health & performance!"


Increased strength & resilience for an empowered 2nd pregnancy:

"I'd worked with a coach before, but this is all-in-one support from an experienced Physiologist!  After my first session I had 3 exercises to correct my pelvic pain & was running pain-free!"


From feeling bloated & stuck after losing 130 lbs. to fit & energized:

"I had no idea how simple changes to my nutrition could make such a difference! After ONE coaching session, I can't get over how I feel sooo much better, more energy, faster & lighter!

Imagine when you're empowered with 1:1 coaching + the following resources to support a lifetime of sustainable success...

Tools to Unlock Optimal Health & Energy

  • Science-based hacks to control inflammation, stabilize blood sugar & gain consistent energy: This essential foundation prevents fatigue, weight gain & chronic disease!
  • A full guide to calculate protein needs based on your goals, body's needs, lifestyle & age.
  • Done-for-you examples of what/when to eat to fuel your energy, workouts, runs & recovery!
  • Ditch ineffective products with strategies for smart supplementation: Learn how to choose the best options for recovery, vitamins, energy gels, protein & more.
  • How to superpower your sleep + caffeine & alcohol hacks!
  • All about gut health seminar replay + a guide with how to address root cause to restore it!
  • 3 simple ways to improve eating habits: Overcome stress eating & enjoy life while still supporting your goals.
  • Women's holistic health strategies: How to decrease bloating, natural ways to get a lost cycle back + tips to thrive through perimenopause.

maximize Your Mind & Body Performance Course

  • Learn a simple 4 step process to master your body's stress response, a game-changer for achieving any goal!
  • Learn how to identify red flags from your body & autocorrect before it becomes fatigue, injury, illness or burnout!
  • Learn best ways to troubleshoot tight muscles, combat effects of sitting, optimize recovery & bounce back from injury.
  • Master simple mindset skills to unlock your most empowered self, dig deep any time it's needed in sport or life + simple science-based hacks to reduce anxiety.
  • BONUSES to support mind-body performance for your family: Healthy eating + sports nutrition tips, best practice tips to build youth mindset resiliency & more!

Resources to be strong, injury-free & burnout-proof

  • Time-efficient warm up, injury prevention, bone & strength building workout for runners w/ video & PDF instruction.
  • Long & Lean Upper Body Routine: A time-efficient workout based on women 35+ guidelines, complete w/ demo video!
  • Lower body injury got ya down? Keep on moving with a modified upper body workout!
  • Blood Test & Healthy Hormones Checklist: A cutting-edge tool to monitor your body's response to stress, prevent burnout & health setbacks before they get a change to start! 
  • Prevent injuries learning the most quick & effective strategies to target root cause!
  • Don't let illness bring you down: How to adjust training when sick + science-backed nutrition to fight colds & flus.
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