Active Women & Runners: Take charge of your health, fitness & performance to thrive age 35 & beyond!

Badass Breakthrough Academy empowers you to gain simplicity & ease in achieving your goals, specific to your body's needs & female physiology age 35+!  You can unlock your most healthy & resilient self with more energy, less stress & sustainable success!  Learn how below.

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Does this sound like you?

  • You love being active or running. If facing performance decreases, an injury, brain fog, bloating, weight gain, hormone, gut concerns or burnout you can't stand it!
  • Feeling your best, your health & your fitness are essential to you.
  • You want to mitigate the effects of changing hormones so you have vibrant energy & mind-body performance to thrive through your 40s, 50s & beyond!
  • You want to know the best approach to achieve your goals, whether you want to run your best, lose weight, turn a setback into a comeback, or lean out.
  • You want to ditch training plans, diets & bandaid solutions that drain your time, hormones & money, but wonder how the heck you actually do it?!
  • You need simple ways to support your body, so aging is NOT a story of misery!
  • You want a lifetime of unstoppable well-being without stressing or overwhelm!

Badass Breakthrough Academy is for you! This 4-month journey combines expert coaching, support & resources:

  • 50+ videos & cheat sheets empower you with cutting-edge knowledge to make 35+ your BEST years yet!
  • Holistic review of your health & fitness history, where you're feeling stuck, identification of root causes & most importantly, what you can do about it!
  • 1:1 support from Louise, award-winning in health education, performance & small business. A dedicated runner, run coach, mom, published researcher & a leader for Women in Science at the university level!
  • Six 60 min. virtual or in-person sessions to customize this program to your goals & body's needs, broken into 30-min. if needed.
  • A coach you can count on: Join a private community of women for weekly tips, accountability + text & email check-ins!
  • Monthly group workshops for a one-of-a-kind empowering experience!
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Imagine being empowered with 1:1 support + the following resources created from 20 years experience!  Sustainable success is waiting for you...

Unlock Optimal Health & Energy With:

  • Training #1: How to decrease inflammation, mitigate insulin resistance & gain energy. This knowledge is ESSENTIAL to prevent fatigue, injury, weight gain & disease. Learn how to keep it simple & start feeling your best right away!
  • Training #2: Nutrition Strategies to Support Your Body & Goals After Age 35: Learn how your body's changing & exact steps to do something about it without overcomplicating it!
  • Learn the most healthful foods to eat that support vibrant energy, low inflammation, hormonal health & optimal fitness!
  • All about protein needs after 35 based on your specific goals, body's needs, lifestyle & age.
  • Done-for-you examples of what/when to eat to fuel your energy, workouts, runs & recovery!
  • Crazy busy work week? Assemble your perfect on-the-go lunch cheat sheet.
  • Strategies for smart supplementation + how to determine high-quality options for vitamins, energy gels, protein & more.
  • Trouble sleeping? Learn root causes, how to reset your circadian rhythm without sleep aids + science-based sleep, caffeine & alcohol hacks!
  • Gut health seminar replay: Learn what you need to know to address root causes of stomach distress, stuck energy, hormones & weight!
  • Clean products workshop replay: Decrease use of health & hormone disrupting skincare, beauty & household items the simple way!
  • 3 effective strategies to overcome stress eating & enjoy life while supporting your goals.
  • Women's health cheat sheets: Decrease bloating, natural ways to get a lost cycle back + strategies to THRIVE through perimenopause!

maximize Your Mind & Body Performance With:

  • Learn 4 simple steps to master your body's stress response, the REAL game-changer for achieving your goals!
  • Learn how to identify red flags from your body & autocorrect before it becomes fatigue, injury, illness or burnout!
  • Learn best ways to troubleshoot tight muscles, combat effects of sitting, optimize recovery & bounce back from injury.
  • Master simple mindset skills to unlock your most empowered self, dig deep when it's needed in sport or life + science-based ways to reduce anxiety without medication.
  • BONUS modules to support your family's health & performance: Youth sports nutrition tips, effective ways to support youth mindset resilience & more! Make your fit life contagious for those who matter most.

be strong, injury-free & burnout-proof with:

  • On-demand injury prevention, bone & strength building workout for runners w/ video & PDF instruction. Learn the best exercises, how to keep it time-efficient + how much weight we actually need to see RESULTS!
  • Long & Lean Upper Body Routine: After 35 we need a strategic approach to see results. Learn exactly what you need to know, complete w/ a time-efficient workout & demo video!
  • Lower body injury got ya down? Keep on moving with a modified upper body workout!
  • Blood Test & Healthy Hormones Checklist: A tool to work with your doctor to monitor your body's response to stress & exercise, preventing burnout & health setbacks BEFORE they get a change to start! You CAN an advocate for your health, work with your providers & avoid expensive 3rd party labs!
  • A PDF guide & 1-hr training, "Injury Prevention for Women Runners": Break the frustrating cycle of tight muscles & injury FOR GOOD + how to effectively address hip, SI joint, back & knee pain to run strong for life!
  • Don't let illness bring you down: Learn how to adjust training + science-backed nutrition strategies when sick.
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Making our age 35+ story one of optimal health & resilience takes work, but these women are proof that it DOESN'T have to be complicated!

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Goal to run 50 marathons in 50 states & support her body despite past injuries:

"Louise's coaching is thorough! I can now address barriers that come up in my health, training & know what approaches work best! I'm eating the right foods at the right time & no longer "need" a nap!"


Scientist & mom, broke through burnout to run an ultra & marathon PR at age 47:

"I learned how to train, lift smarter & eat specific to perimenopause. I'm recovering better & taking focused action to achieve my goals. The mind-body strategies are excellent & improve day-to-day life!"


Addressed brain fog, hormone, gut health & chronic fatigue concerns:

"Everything was so manageable! Within weeks my energy increased for the first time in YEARS, I lost 5 lbs & went off medication. Now, I'm down 20 lbs. & outrunning my friends in their 30s & 40s!


Ultrarunner & Pharmacist who won a race, more confidence & energy: 

"Despite hormone challenges & what seemed like insurmountable odds, I found the power to keep moving forward. Louise's practical strategies are key to next-level health & performance!"


Increased strength & resilience for an empowered 2nd pregnancy:

"I'd worked with a coach before, but this is all-in-one support from an experienced Physiologist!  After my first session I had 3 exercises to correct my pelvic pain & was running pain-free!"


From feeling bloated & stuck after losing 130 lbs. to fit & energized:

"I had no idea how simple changes to my nutrition could make such a difference! After ONE coaching session, I can't get over how I feel sooo much better, more energy, faster & lighter!

Not sure this is for you?

Contact me below or book a free call here. We'll review where you're starting from & results you can expect. Using my diverse expertise, I can empower you to support many aspects of your health, running, nutrition, etc. The health & fitness world can be discouraging, passive & money-driven. You'll find my free consult to be the opposite... b/c feeling stuck in your health or performance & eager to do something about it should be no woman's story. 

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