Active Women: Maximize your ability to thrive after 35 with more energy, less stress!

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Sound like you?

  • Feeling, looking & performing your best is essential to you. In fact, you hate feeling like crap & do everything you can to prevent it.
  • Injuries, illness, brain fog, bloating, belly fat & perimenopause chaos are your worst nightmare. You're starting to wonder, "How can I try so hard to get things right, be informed & STILL experience these things?!"
  • You can't stand misinformation, bandaid solutions & dietsYou want to confidently know what works best for your body & goals!
  • You want unstoppable health, fitness &/or running but are dying for less stress, more ease & simplicity in your busy life.

Badass Breakthrough Academy empowers you to change the 35+ game:


  • Injuries & exhaustion are not inevitable --> You'll learn how to exercise & eat to protect hormones, health & resilience for life.
  • Fat gain despite eating well, not seeing fitness results & perimenopause chaos is not "normal aging" --> Hormones decrease after 35, for some fitness & running goal-getters even sooner. You'll learn how to work with your changing body's *individual* needs to break through setbacks & maximize results!
  • Bloating, brain fog, hot flashes & hip pain are not "a woman's life." --> Ditch symptoms fast with female-specific science to feel, look & perform your best simplified for REAL LIFE.

This 4-month program includes:

  • 6 to 10 1:1 sessions w/ Louise, leading health, fitness & performance expert who more importantly, has broken through all these obstacles herself!
  • Customized plans & tools specific to your body's needs & goals - from running your best with optimal health, to weight loss, maximizing nutrition, strength training, coming back from/preventing injury & more!
  • Online academy + app (detailed below) to fully understand the what, why & how of unlocking your best age 35 & beyond!
  • Text, email support & women's community!
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Expert 1:1 support + a cutting-edge learning experience guide you to unlock your best with simplicity, science & ease:

maximize Mind & Body Performance:

  • Learn quick techniques to decrease stress & increase focus, the #1 way to support your hormonal health, energy & ability to crush goals!
  • Identify red flag symptoms from your body & correct BEFORE it becomes fatigue, injury, fat gain, illness or burnout!
  • Learn best ways to troubleshoot tight muscles, recover better & heal injuries directly from someone who's worked in PT, hospitals & on NFL sports med teams!

Unlock Health & Energy:

  • Get a detailed review of your nutrition, symptoms & goals, learning exactly how to fuel specific to YOUR body's needs!
  • Learn hacks to mitigate insulin resistance, essential to feel great, prevent fat gain & disease!
  • Learn nutrition strategies to thrive after 35: SIMPLE changes support your changing body, lower inflammation, optimize hormones & your body's natural ability to detox (which gets sluggish after 35). 
  • Learn smart supplementation + how to determine high-quality options for vitamins, energy gels, protein & more.
  • Access simple science-based protocols to superpower sleep, lose weight, keep it off & support/restore gut health!
  • Understand how to *actually* work with your body to ditch cravings, diets, frustrating overeating habits, confusing trends & THRIVE through perimenopause! 
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be strong & resilient:

  • The injury rate of those in this program for 2022 was ZERO%. Those who wanted to reverse illness, lose weight, lean out or go off of medications DID! And for those who also set a running goal, they felt AND ran their best!
  • In addition to customized plans, access time-efficient workout videos & printable plans to prevent injury, lean out, strengthen bones & muscles. Confidently know how to maximize results using women 35+ science!
  • Learn how to strength train to address women's health concerns like pelvic floor strength, core exercises for mummy tummy, come back from lower body injuries & more!
  • Blood Test & Hormones Checklist: This (optional) tool helps you advocate for proactive labs from your doctor & how to understand trends in your body to prevent setbacks BEFORE they get a change to start!
  • Injury Prevention for Women Runners Workshop Replay: Learn what works best to break the frustrating cycle of tight muscles & injury FOR GOOD + how to address hip, SI joint & knee pain to run strong for life!
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Regardless of where you're starting from, your 35+ story can be one of incredible health, fitness & resilience:

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Goal to run 50 marathons in 50 states & support her body DESPITE past injury:

"Louise's coaching is thorough! I can now address barriers that come up in my health, training & know what approaches work best! I'm eating the right foods at the right time & no longer "need" a nap!"


Scientist & mom, broke through burnout to run an ultra & marathon PR at age 47:

"I learned how to train, lift smarter & eat specific to perimenopause. I'm recovering better & taking focused action to achieve my goals. The strategies are excellent & greatly improve day-to-day life!"


From lost hope in diets & workout programs to STRONG & FIT:

"Everything is kept so simple & customized to my body in a way I didn't know was possible. I feel great, understand what to do & have renewed hope that I am strong, energized & well!"


From bloated & stuck after losing 130 lbs. to fit & ENERGIZED:

"I had no idea how simple changes to my nutrition could make such a difference! After ONE coaching session, I can't get over how I feel sooo much better, more energy, faster & lighter!


Ditched brain fog, hormone concerns, gut infections & "chronic" fatigue:

"Everything was so manageable! Within weeks my energy increased for the first time in YEARS, I lost 5 lbs & went off medication. Now, I'm down 25 lbs. & outrunning my friends in their 30s & 40s!


Ultrarunner & Pharmacist who won a race, more confidence & energy: 

"Despite hormone challenges & what seemed like insurmountable odds, I found the power to keep moving forward. Louise's practical strategies are key to next-level health & performance!"

Not sure?

Send me your questions below. The health & fitness world can be discouraging & money-driven, which is why I'm committed to providing exceptional personalized & affordable support. Tuition is only $297/month x 4 or 1 payment of $1188, but seats are very limited. Committed to unlocking your best with simplicity & science? This program is likely for you!

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