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Welcome to Badass Breakthrough Academy: Where women runners & fitness enthusiasts rewrite the 35+ story!

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  • Injuries, long recovery times & exhaustion are not "a normal part of exercising." --> We can train & fuel to support optimal strength, hormones & resilience!
  • Weight gain despite eating well & perimenopausal frustrations are not "just how it goes for females." --> We can break through misleading marketing, trends & misinformation!
  • Feeling burnout, bloated, brain fog or frequent low energy is not "just a part of life." --> We can use this info. from our body to make small changes that result in being vibrantly well, fit & energized!

No more stressing, guessing or overwhelm! In this program, you'll unlock your health & potential:


  • Access cheat sheets for nutrition & lifestyle habits that support optimal health, fitness & running after 35.
  • Get 1:1 customized coaching support to find what works best for your goals, body's needs & lifestyle!
  • Learn what you can do to protect your health, energy & hormones... without a lifetime of pills or bandaid solutions.
  • Get expert coaching to break through your obstacles, whether you want to live vibrantly through perimenopause, strength train to be injury-free or run a PR!
  • Learn science-based sleep, stress, gut health, injury prevention & recovery hacks.
  • Master the ability to maximize mind & body resilience, so you feel your absolute best!
  • Most importantly, you'll keep achieving your goals simple, focused & ease-filled, breaking free from a crazy health & fitness world that wants us to do & buy more!

Badass Breakthrough Academy is a 4-month program:

  • Over 45 quick educational videos & printable resources in an online academy: Build your optimal health, running & fitness resource manual for life!
  • Five 1:1 coaching sessions customized to you: We can cover running plans, strength training, nutrition, holistic health & so much more! (see image)
  • 4 months of text, email & community support from Coach Louise.
  • Monthly group Q&A call.
  • Investment: $247/month for 4 months or pay-in-full $988 & get a bonus 6th 1:1 coaching session for free!
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From PRs, to being their healthiest yet, read real client results!


Goal to run 50 marathons in 50 states, learned how to support her body despite past injuries & during perimenopause!

"Louise's coaching was thorough & specific. I can now address barriers that come up in my health, training & know what approaches work best! I'm eating the right foods at the right time & can actually stay up past 9!"


Mom & Scientist, broke through work-life-pandemic burnout to hit a marathon PR at 47!

"I learned how to cut through overwhelming industry noise to train smarter, lift correctly & eat specific to perimenopause. I'm recovering better & can now take focused action to achieve my goals. The mind-body strategies are excellent, even my daily life has improved!"


Broke through brain fog, health concerns & chronic fatigue!

"Everything I learned was so simple & Louise helped me find what works for me! Within weeks my energy increased for the first time in YEARS & I lost a stubborn menopausal 5 pounds! I went off anxiety medication after learning new ways to work with my body to manage stress."


Ultrarunner, mom & Pharmacist who won a race, more time & energy! 

"Despite hormonal challenges & what seemed like insurmountable odds, I found the physical & mental power to keep moving forward. The strategies, from sleep, to mindset & nutrition, are practical, actionable & key to achieving next-level health & performance!"

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Developed strength & mind-body resilience to run safely through her 2nd pregnancy!

"I'd worked with a running coach before, but this is all-in-one support from an experienced Physiologist! After my first session I had 3 simple exercises to correct my pelvic pain & learned how to fit them into my busy life. I continue to increase strength & run pain-free!"


From feeling exhausted, bloated & stuck after losing 130 pounds, to racing & resilient!

"Louise saved me! I had no idea how simple changes to my nutrition & ditching unhealthy supplements could be! After ONE coaching session, I can't get over how I feel sooo much better! Same workouts, but running faster & longer, feeling energized & lighter!

Watch to learn about bonuses to make your fit & healthy life contagious for those you love!


Hi! I'm Louise.

Women CAN be empowered to take charge of their health, fitness & longevity... with up-to-date science, simplicity & holistic solutions.

In my youth I was sick & last on the team. I was told I was destined for disease & not built to be a runner. This motivated me to study physiology & health, earn 15+ degrees & credentials, publish research & win accolades.

Unfortunately, the hormone challenges I'd had since my youth still caught up with me. I may've been pumping milk at the start of the Boston Marathon as a strong RunnerMom, but inside I was burned out & broken as I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis & precancer.

While my doctors again told me I was destined for a lifetime of disease & pills, I now had the knowledge to turn my breakdowns into breakthroughs! I reversed my "chronic" conditions & unlocked my potential as a runner.

In this program you'll learn the up-to-date science for women's health & fitness, but you'll find what works best for YOUR body & lifestyle. You'll be empowered with the best holistic health, sports science & fitness hacks I've discovered in my journey & from coaching hundreds of women. If you're ready to write your story as one of optimal health, resilience & ease, I invite you to reach out. There IS a better way!

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