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Active women 35+: Despite decreasing hormones, our healthy, fit & resilient life is just getting started!


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When you understand simple ways to work with your changing body, aging DOESN'T have to suck:

Cathy, Active Mom

"Louise's nutrition feedback immediately improved my sleep & energy! Combined with my strength plans, I have renewed hope in my body's ability to fight cancer & hike with my kids!"

Lindsey, Runner

"After ONE coaching session, I felt so much better! I crushed a marathon, 50K & am now achieving my weight loss goals! This program's improved my mindset, confidence & day-to-day life!"

Sarah, Triathlete

"I can now confidently address barriers in my health, nutrition & training! It's eye-opening: Working with Louise replaced my trainer, run coach, a need for dry needling, nutritionist... while getting better results with one strength plan than years of PT!

Lori, Ultrarunner

"Learning how to train, lift, recover & eat specific to perimenopause help me hit a PR at age 47! I cut through confusing industry noise & improved mind-body health, even sharing stress management & nutrition strategies with my son who saw results!

Helen, Active Mom

"We got to the root of weird symptoms fast! Within weeks my energy increased for the first time in YEARS, I lost 5 lbs & went off medication. I'm down 25 lbs. & outrunning friends in their 30s & 40s!

Erin, Ultrarunner

"Despite hormone challenges & insurmountable odds, I found the power to keep moving forward. Louise's practical mind & body strategies are key to next-level health & performance!"

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Badass Breakthrough Academy is ONLY $375 x 4 months. Here's what's included:


  • 1:1 coaching sessions: I review your goals, nutrition, health history, etc. Maximize focus & results w/ expert coaching for women's health, nutrition, running, injury prevention, fitness, mindset & more!
  • Time-efficient learning academy & resources: 1. Unlock your best health, hormones & energy w/ simple day-to-day & sports nutrition strategies for women short on time 2. Maximize strength training w/ time-efficient workouts specific to female physiology (2022 injury rate: 0%) 3. Be unstoppable w/ full workshop replays & step-by-step guides to troubleshoot sleep, gut health, cravings, smart supplementation, core & pelvic floor strength, body alignment, etc! 4. Feel, look & perform your best w/ science-based hacks for stress, recovery, inflammation, belly fat & more!
  • Q&A events, private community on-the-go app support your next-level success!
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Why Badass Breakthrough Academy?

Growing up I was always sick, anxious & last on my team. When told I was destined for disease & not built to be a runner, I stubbornly earned 15+ degrees & credentials to take action!

Unfortunately, hormone challenges I'd had since my youth still caught up with me. Despite doing all the "right" cutting-edge things, winning the best of accolades & "crushing it" as I pumped breast milk at the Boston Marathon, I was an overstressed mom & military wife struggling with brain fog & low energy. At 33 when diagnosed with early menopause, Osteoporosis, precancer & gut health disorders, I knew my intuitions that doctors ignored had been right ALL along!

My doctors AGAIN told me I was destined for a lifetime of disease & pills, but I knew that didn't have to be my story! I used my education to design interventions to save myself, shocking my doctors as I reversed my health, hormones & "chronic" conditions with nourishing food & a female-specific exercise approach! This was ALSO the key to unlocking my best fitness & running that continues to IMPROVE as I age.

Now, I provide women the detailed support & game-changing strategies I wish I would've had. This program empowers you to work WITH your female body's badass ability to do great things DESPITE the world telling us aging has to suck.

Results happen fast, but getting it right for the rest of your life doesn't happen overnight, which is why this program is 4 months of dedicated 1:1 time working together. You'll learn cutting-edge women 35+ health, nutrition & fitness strategies, BUT more importantly, how to keep it SIMPLE & specific to YOUR life. That's the real "secret" to being unstoppable in your health, fitness or running.

Given the story above, I don't overbook my schedule & I give each client my all. I don't want a million clients, I want the right clients... women who, like me, relentlessly care about their health, fitness & ability to be active for life. Sound like you? Reach out before all spots fill!

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