Sound like you?

  • You're age 35+ & want to understand what needs to change in your health, fitness, nutrition &/or running to work with your body.
  • You want *simple* ways to manage your changing hormones, prevent fatigue, weight gain, injuries & perimenopause symptoms. 
  • You're frustrated with misinformation, diets, quick fix solutions & fitness trends.
  • You want to know how to age powerfully & take control of your health, fitness, stress, recovery, mind & body performance.
  • You want to confidently block out industry noise & focus on your body's amazing ability to live a long, healthy & active life!

Welcome to Badass Breakthrough Academy!

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You CAN unlock your most healthy, fit & resilient self:

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From dieting, fatigue & lost hope to:

"Everything is so simple! With my first strength plan my pain was gone, energy increased after one nutrition session & I'm sleeping better!"


From bloated & feeling stuck to:

"Simple women-specific changes to nutrition make such a difference! After ONE coaching session, I feel sooo much better, faster & leaner!

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Goal to run, bike & swim injury-free DESPITE a frustrating injury past:

"I can now confidently address barriers in my health, nutrition & training! It's eye-opening: Working with Louise replaced my trainer, run coach, a need for dry needling, nutritionist... while getting better results with one strength plan than years of PT!


Scientist & mom, broke through burnout to run an ultra & marathon PR at age 47:

"Learning how to train, lift, recover & eat specific to perimenopause made a HUGE difference! I learned how to cut through industry noise & improve mind-body health, even sharing stress management & nutrition strategies with my son who saw results!


Ditched brain fog, hormone concerns, gut infections & chronic fatigue:

"Everything was so manageable! Within weeks my energy increased for the first time in YEARS, I lost 5 lbs & went off medication. Now, I'm down 25 lbs. & outrunning my friends in their 30s & 40s!


Ultrarunner & Pharmacist who won a race, more confidence & energy: 

"Despite hormone challenges &  insurmountable odds, I found the power to keep moving forward. Louise's mind & body strategies are key to next-level health & performance!"

Your 4-month journey includes:


  • 6 to 10 virtual or in-person 1:1 coaching sessions w/ one-of-a-kind expert support!
  • Plans specific to your goals & body's needs: Holistic health, nutrition, running, strength training, injury comebacks, weight loss, hormone & gut health, perimenopause, etc.
  • 60+ on-demand learning resources, PDF guides, workouts & checklists!
  • Text & email coaching support + a small women's private online community.
  • Monthly workshops & educational events.
  • EVERYTHING you need to thrive after 35, feel your best & SUSTAIN success!

Not sure?

I provide comprehensive & customized support for each client, so spots are limited & filling fast! Don't wait to contact me to discuss your best path to sustainable success:

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