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Quick & Effective Injury Prevention for Women Runners

You can be a healthy, injury-free & resilient runner for life!

It's time to change the injury prevention game: Many runners believe injuries are a "normal" part of running & aging. Also, relieving tight muscles & preventing injuries is complicated, requiring endless stretching, hours of physical therapy, tech & tools.

This is simply NOT TRUE, but after age 30, it does take a very strategic approach to stay injury-free. Unfortunately, I see virtually no experts sharing what actually works, specific to female physiology!

In my career I've designed injury prevention programs, published root cause of injury research & worked on NFL sports medicine teams. I've provided sports massage & integrated whole-person coaching for 1,000s of active women & runners.

Get ready to learn exactly how you are FULLY CAPABLE of preventing injuries WITHOUT it being complicated! You CAN take quick targeted action to address root cause of tight muscles!

Get an info-packed 11 page guide + 60-day access to video trainings! In 70 minutes you'll learn:

  • Injury prevention myths & truths.
  • What is the cycle of injury & how can you break free from it?
  • Root causes of tight muscles & how to do something about them (without a PT or massage therapist).
  • Where I see runners (& coaches!) wasting time, energy & money with ineffective trends & solutions (stretching, shoes, massage guns, foam rolling, yoga, etc.) + what to do instead.
  • A 2 minute warm up to troubleshoot your body BEFORE imbalances become injuries!
  • Time-efficient ways to address tight muscles & common problems like back & hip pain, sciatica & troublesome calves!
  • What moves the needle THE MOST to be a healthy, strong & resilient runner for life!

Don't wait to take action!

The #1 rule here at Breaking Through Wellness is don't stay stuck:  If you have a question while learning the materials you can email me at [email protected]

Cheers to being healthy, resilient & injury-free,


Named Certified Health Education Specialist of the Year, Top 10 Performance Coach, Small Business Hometown Hero & more!

What People Are Saying:

5/5 stars! After watching, I realize how I've been doing it all wrong for many years. Everything shared makes so much sense & was VERY eye-opening!

Karol, Marathoning Mom & Scientist

5/5 stars! My biggest takeaway is the simplicity of some of the things I can incorporate into my routines. Who knew it could be so simple!

Sarah, Avid Marathoner & Ultrarunner

I give this course 5/5 stars! It was very informative. I did the hip/sacroiliac & warm up exercises before my morning run & my right hip felt SO MUCH BETTER!

Amber, Physician & Dedicated RunnerMom