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Injury Prevention for Women Runners

Take charge of your ability to run injury-free!

Fun Fact: The injury rate of the women I coach was 0% for 2022. Crazy, right?! Here's the thing: Injuries are NOT a normal part of running & relieving tight muscles shouldn't be complicated! Ineffective stretching, body weight exercises, endless hours of PT, expensive tech & trendy tools most often leave us in a cycle of tight muscles & injuries, feeling stuck!

In my career I've designed injury prevention programs, published running injury research & worked on NFL sports med teams. I've provided healthcare & coaching for 1,000s of active individuals, both injured & well!

One Key Takeaway: Age 30+ it takes a very strategic approach for a woman's body to stay injury-free.

Ready to learn exactly how you're FULLY capable of preventing injuries without it being complicated?!

Get a printable guide, 30-day access to video & audio from this Badass Breakthrough Academy workshop! In ONLY 1 hour you'll learn:

  • Injury prevention myths & truths.
  • The cycle of injury & how to break free from it!
  • Root causes of tight muscles & how to take action without a PT or massage therapist.
  • Where I see runners (& coaches!) wasting energy with stretching, shoes, massage guns, foam rolling, yoga, etc. + what to do instead.
  • A 2 minute warm up to troubleshoot your body's *individual* needs BEFORE it become injuries!
  • Time-efficient ways to address back & hip pain, sciatica, troublesome calves & more!
  • How to be a resilient runner for life!

Don't wait to take action!

#1 rule here at Breaking Through Wellness is don't stay stuck:  If you have a question while learning, email me at [email protected]

Cheers to being injury-free,


Named 2020 #1 Health Education Specialist in the U.S., 2021 Top 10 Performance Coach & more!

What People Are Saying:

5/5 stars! I realize I've been doing it all wrong. Everything shared makes so much sense & was VERY eye-opening!

Karol, Marathoning Mom & Scientist

My biggest takeaway is the simplicity of the things I can incorporate into my life. Who knew it could be so simple!

Sarah, Avid Marathoner & Ultrarunner

5/5 stars! Very informative. I did the hip & warm up exercises before my run & felt SO MUCH BETTER!

Amber, Physician & RunnerMom