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The Art of Managing Stress & Chronic Disease Risk When You Love Fitness or Running... A Lot



At what point does being dedicated to our running & fitness start taking more from our life than it's giving? Can being a running &/or exercising machine, when added to other life stressors & lifestyle habits, CONTRIBUTE to women increasing risk for chronic disease?! Why do we get conditions like cancer, Osteoporosis, hypothyroidism, etc. & feel so darn fatigued when we're so incredibly dedicated to our health?

In this video I discuss an important (& eye-opening) breakthrough moment a client & I had.

As I share, consider where you are in your personal health, fitness & running journey:

  • Is your body giving you clear red flag signs that something isn't right?
  • Are you making sure you have a foundation of vibrant good health, energy & hormones before you put in work to crush all the miles & fitness goals?
  • Are you doing your best to make sleep, healthy eating, moderate caffeine use & low alcohol use a priority so as not to over stress your body?
  • Are you taking appropriate time to recover post-race (ex: at least 2 weeks off of running so your muscular & hormonal health has time to recover)?
  • Are you cycling your training calendar for breaks from distance training? (ex: off-cycling from half, marathon or ultra distances with running lower volume weeks &/or pursuing goals at shorter distance races like the 5 or 10K).

Such questions are important to ask ourselves when daily running & training sessions are an important part of our life. As we age, these questions become even more essential.

We can live a long, healthy & active life, but it takes a more strategic approach than most realize. As you just learned, even those of us who are highly educated in this field have to put in a significant amount of work to make sure we get it right! 

Learn 4 essential keys to working WITH your female 35+ physiology & practical ways to protect your ability to be healthy, fit & active for life in my free training here.

Share this video with a woman you love so more ladies dedicated to their fitness &/or running can take effective action to protect essential mind & body health. We only get one body & one life, let's fight to make it a good one!


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