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Can Active Women Over 40 Protect Estrogen? Yes We Can & Here's How!


Watch the video above to learn how you can protect your estrogen & hormones, mitigating impacts of perimenopause & menopause like muscle loss, bone loss, weight gain, mood swings, hot flashes, lost fitness, decreasing athletic performance, cravings & more! 

Our health, fitness & running does not have to suffer with the right simple & science-based approach. Here are tips to get you started in your nutrition, strength training & exercise strategy so you too can fiercely protect your estrogen & testosterone. As you can see in client results throughout this website, it changes the game!

The sooner we learn how to protect our hormones & mitigate changes in our changing female physiology as we age with a simple whole foods, exercise & stress management approach (both "good" stress of exercise & "bad" stress of exposure to chemicals, life stress, gut health & hormone-disrupting ingredients), the better. If looking for support in this area, my group coaching, resources, community & 1:1 Badass Breakthrough Academy are waiting for you! Book a free consult here to learn more or read about support options here.

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