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Free Next-Level Goal Planning Calendar & Podcast How to Use It



Step 1: As I highlight the necessity of having a clear plan and the benefits of making purposeful, informed choices about diet and exercise age 35+ as our hormones change, be sure to download and print our free goal-setting calendar below, delivered via email. If you're trying to level up your fat loss, physique, performance or simply eat well to mitigate hormone symptoms, this tool is a great way to call yourself out, know when to dial it in & when to enjoy a splurge.


Step 2: Watch or listen to the podcast episode above in full to learn a variety of very simple and effective ways to use this planning tool.

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In this podcast episode I discuss the fine line of wanting to control our nutrition and fitness while maintaining a balanced approach, especially for women runners and those seeking fat loss or physique changes.

I deep dive into the importance of not overly restricting calories and the need to support metabolism and hormones. I also discuss the impact of processed foods and alcohol on our bodies, suggesting cleaner alternatives and mindful consumption.

Get ready to hear personal anecdotes and professional insights on managing stress, maintaining clean eating habits, and creating a supportive environment for achieving fitness and performance goals.  

This episode is a must-listen for high-achieving women seeking to navigate their age 35 and beyond health, fitness or running journey with a practical and sustainable approach!


Episode Highlights:

(0:00) Introduction and disclaimer for those with past eating disorders
(3:01) Challenges of common diets and exercise programs on female physiology
(6:11) Balancing calorie intake and the need for flexibility in diet
(10:04) Importance of clean eating and removing harmful foods from the diet
(14:39) Balancing occasional splurges with consistent healthy eating
(17:11) Achieving fitness goals and the significance of a structured plan
(20:57) Setting goals and creating a plan for nutrition and fitness
(23:57) Importance of hormone-healthy fats and carbs
(26:29) Avoiding processed foods and managing inflammation
(31:42) Empowering control over nutrition for better energy and health
(34:25) The power of community support in achieving health goals
(37:19) Commiting to personal health plans and making time for self-care
(43:11) Outro

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