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How Women Over 35 Can Maximize Strength Training & Leaning Out Results


Originally shared on social media, the feedback from this video was so good I wanted to share it here on the blog!

Many women in my coaching academy are shocked at how much they need to "unlearn", as so many aspects of our health, fitness, nutrition & running strategies need to change to maximize success when, as females, our hormones start to change age 35 & beyond. As you'll learn in the video, it impacts everything!

This video is for you if:

  • Your fitness results have stalled despite your best efforts.
  • You're eating less, exercising more & still gaining fat or feeling unfit.
  • You're pushing hard & not seeing results despite taking bootcamps, using exercise apps &/or strength training consistently.
  • You're gaining belly fat or retaining a mummy tummy despite exercise.
  • You're doing your best to prevent injuries by strength training, but still getting injured!
  • You've been strength training for years &/or consistently exercise more than 3 days per week. Otherwise, please note, any & all exercise is better than none so please disregard this message. Most women I work with love fitness or running, doing it nearly daily, if not to extremes &/or feeling like they need to exercise daily to support mental health. In that context, many aspects of our lifting & exercise strategies need to change to work with our female age 35+ physiology to prevent exercise from worsening hormonal symptoms. For those just getting started with fitness or strength training, any new stimulus to your body is likely to result in change. Please work with your health & fitness practitioner to design the best plan for your body's needs.

While the root cause of the above symptoms is a complex answer, in my coaching practice when it comes to how to maximize strength training results, the answer is simple, clear & comes down to one thing... our strategies need to change to work with our changing physiology.

Watch & learn the what, why & how to maximize your strength training success!  

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