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Long Run Fueling Strategies That Change The Game Age 35 & Beyond



I often get asked, "How do runners you coach hit energized PRs, prevent GI distress & run injury-free ultramarathons in their 40s & 50s?!"  

Here's what changes: It's harder for our body to process carbs as we age. You've likely heard the term "insulin resistance." This impacts women earlier in life & more severely than men (most of the time) due to our hormones decreasing age 35 & beyond. Unfortunately, female runners often have hormone challenges as a result of poorly designed running & fitness plans that work against our female age 35+ physiology, which makes these symptoms much more severe than they have to be. You likely notice more bloating, cramping, frustrating energy spikes & crashes... feeling confused about what you can do about it. Long-term, you notice delayed recovery, daily fatigue & frustrating performance decreases.

The good news: You CAN do something about it! Watch the video above & learn what needs to change in your long run fueling to work with your age 35+ physiology. I have yet to NOT see these simple science-based considerations work for the runners I coach!

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