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3 Best Supplements to Ditch Hormone & Perimenopause Symptoms


Watch the video above to learn 3 supplements to support your best health, hormones, energy & fitness results.  

🤔Find yourself low on energy or having trouble recovering from exercise? 

🤔Find yourself needing more caffeine or supplements just to get through your workout or work day?

🤔Have you hit a frustrating weight loss, fitness or running plateau?

As hormones decrease, it's harder for our female body to process food for fuel. Unless we're certain we have optimal gut health & we're eating nearly perfectly, to include at least 5 different veggies per day, these 3 Biggest Bang for Your Buck foundational supplements are worth considering. Always check with your doctor prior to taking any new supplement.

➡️ For so many of the fitness enthusiasts & runners I coach, this approach to unlocking your best health, hormones & energy is a game-changer! Why? Because it gives your body a strong foundation of good health from which it can always operate properly from. When paired with my Badass Breakthrough Academy approach to work with your changing female physiology & protect your hormones via day-to-day nutrition, properly fueling your fitness results, a smart training & lifestyle approach, we say goodbye to symptoms for good!

In this video you'll learn:

🌟What 3 supplements matter most.

🌟Which companies & brands do I recommend (& why)?

🌟What I used to reverse my health, hormone & immune conditions + unlock my best fitness & running.

Links to brands mentioned:

🌿Find Nutreince Multivitamin here. This is best for those with health concerns, thyroid concerns, those who are injury-prone &/or are seeking optimal energy & fitness results. The powder form is best for absorption, but their pill form is high-quality, too.

🌿Find Thorne Basic Nutrients Two a Day & get a discount in our FullScript portal here. It's listed under "Favorites." This is a pill form, best for those who do not like a powdered product.

🌿Find Thorne Women's 50+ & get a discount in our FullScript portal here. It's listed under "Favorites." This is a high-quality pill form for women age 50 & beyond.

🌿Find Thorne Elite A.M. & P.M. & get a discount in our FullScript portal here. It's listed under "Favorites." This provides excellent support for women who are marathon training, triathletes or ultra runners.

🌿Find Athletic Greens here. This is a Biggest Bang for Your Buck product because it includes a multivitamin plus additional gut health, perimenopause & stress-busting support. It's the most expensive of all the options listed but does provide great results, especially for those who do not eat 5 different color veggies per day. Taken mid-day, it's also a great way to boost energy without caffeine! Do not take with a daily multivitamin, as it would be redundant. 

🌿Find Kion Omega here & use code "LOUISE" at checkout to save!

🌿Find Liquid Vitamin D by Thorne with K in FullScript at a discount here.

Be sure to listen to the whole video, as I share my story of how eating 27 different fruits & veggies STILL wasn't enough to support my body! 😱🤦🏽‍♀️

The Bottom-line Is: Sometimes we're trying to do all the things to ditch symptoms fast, unlock optimal fitness, lose weight or perform like a pro... when really we just need a few strategic steps that complement our female physiology.

Questions about how to personalize this to your symptoms or goals? That's where my Badass Breakthrough Academy 1:1 program comes into play, as without looking at your specific symptoms & day-to-day nutrition, exercise & lifestyle, it's hard to pinpoint root causes & effective recommendations. Learn more here. 

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